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Pneumatic Products

AIGNEP is a worldwide leader in the production and marketing of nickel-plated fittings and accessories. All Air offers push-to-connect fittings, flow controls, and fitting kits from AIGNEP. These push-to-connect fittings and right angle flow controls and needle valves are compatible with both inch and metric thread systems.

AIGNEP Products

Product Lineup

SWIFTFIT Universal Fittings

AIGNEP SWIFTFIT Universal Fittings

Quick Disconnect Couplers

AIGNEP Quick Disconnect Couplers


AIGNEP Cylinders

Fluid Solenoid Valves

AIGNEP Fluid Solenoid Valves

Pneumatic Valves

AIGNEP Pneumatic Valves

Flow Controls

AIGNEP Flow Controls

Ball Valves

AIGNEP Ball Valves

MULTISOCKET Universal Quick Disconnect

AIGNEP Multisocket Quick Disconnect

FLUIDITY Fluid Solenoid Valves

AIGNEP Fluidity Fluid Solenoid Valves

Push-In Fittings

AIGNEP Push-In Fittings

Stainless Steel Push-In Fittings

AIGNEP Stainless Steel Push-In Fittings

Cylinder Accessories

AIGNEP Cylinder Accessories

Pneumatic Accessories

AIGNEP Pneumatic Accessories

Specialty Products

AIGNEP Specialty Products

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