AIGNEP’s valve product range offers a comprehensive selection of reliable and efficient solutions designed to optimize fluid and compressed air control. From manual and mechanical valves to pneumatic, solenoid pilot, and assisted valves, AIGNEP delivers a diverse range of options to meet your specific requirements. Included in this line are: Stainless steel manual and solenoid pilot valves, micro valves for precision applications, VDMA valves, Namur valves, electrical, mechanical and manual operators, panel valves, push button, selector valves, and pedal valves. AIGNEP ensures a comprehensive lineup of valve solutions to enhance control and performance in various industrial sectors.

Product Lineup

01V Series Valves

AIGNEP 01V Series Valves
Manual, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Solenoid PILOT and Assisted Valve

X1V Series Valves

AIGNEP X1V Series Valves
Stainless Steel AISI 316L Manual and Solenoid Pilot

02V Series Valves

AIGNEP 02V Series Valves
Micro Valves

03V Series Valves

AIGNEP 03V Series Valves
16 mm Valves – Mechanical and Manual Operators

04V Series Valves

AIGNEP 04V Series Valves

  • Panel Valve
  • Push Button
  • Selector Valve

05V Series Valves

AIGNEP 05V Series Valves
18mm VDMA Valves

06V Series Valves

AIGNEP 06V Series Valves
Pedal Valves

07V Series Valves

AIGNEP 07V Series Valves
Solenoid Valves

08V Series Valves

AIGNEP 08V Series Valves
Namur Valves

10V Series Valves ISO 5599 – SIZE 1

AIGNEP 10V Series Valves ISO 5599 - SIZE 1
Valves ISO 5599 – Size 1 Electrically Operated

11V Series Valves ISO 5599 – SIZE 2

AIGNEP 11V Series Valves ISO 5599 - SIZE 2
Valves ISO 5599 – Size 2 Electrically Operated

Ball Valves

AIGNEP Ball Valves

  • GHILUX Series
    Ball Valves
  • GHINOX Series
    Miniballvalve in Stainless Steel AISI 316 L

FLUIDITY Fluid Solenoid Valves

AIGNEP Fluidity Fluid Solenoid Valves

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