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Air Presses, Control Valves and Cylinders

Air-Mite’s product line includes bench top air presses, control valves and a small series of air cylinders. They also offer a variety of pneumatic automation components. Their current product line includes air arbor presses, 4 separate series of pneumatic air cylinders, various series of air and hydraulic valves, several safety circuit components, and many miniaturized accessories.

Product Lineup

Pneumatic Presses

Air-Mite Pneumatic Presses
Air-Mite has been manufacturing pneumatic presses since 1952. They are continuously improving the durable, time-tested design of our presses–our current line offers versatility, ease of use, and affordability. Air-Mite presses are uniquely designed with adjustable height cylinders.


Air-Mite Air Cylinders
Air-Mite offers three main types of pneumatic cylinders – Tie Rod, Round Line, and Micro Cylinders. This product line is designed for a variety of applications. Custom cylinders are also available to match specific needs.

Air Valves

Air-Mite Air Valves
Air-Mite Pneumatic control valves control the flow of pressurized air. They offer quality control valves, pilot valves, solenoid valves and lockout valves. Custom valve solutions are available.

Safety Controls

Air-Mite Safety Controls
Air-Mite’s two hand safety control systems are designed to be used in applications that require both the operators hands to be engaged in order for the pneumatic signal to be delivered to an automation system. This ensures signals are only generated only if both push buttons are activated.

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