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Accurate Pneumatic Motion

Airpot Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of ultra low friction, super-responsive, air damping dashpots, pneumatic actuators, and piston/cylinder sets. These products are specialized to excel in applications where precise, accurate control of actuation, damping, or displacement is required. Combining high quality pneumatics with a unique precision glass cylinder/graphite piston seal-less construction technology, Airpot products offer designers levels of force and motion control that are difficult, if not impossible to obtain by other, even more costly pneumatic methods. This technology also allows unsurpassed longevity, high cycle rates without lubricants, smooth, consistent operation at extreme temperatures, and instrument quality performance for low to medium force and energy levels.

Product Lineup

Pneumatic Actuators

Airpot Pneumatic Actuators
Airpot Corp. manufactures four basic families of pneumatic actuators, Airpel Anti-Stiction cylinders, Airpel Plus, Airpel-AB air bearing cylinders, and Airpot Self- Aligning Actuators. All employ our unique combination of a borosilicate glass cylinder and either a graphite or specially shaped stainless steel piston and have outstanding performance properties with respect to friction, cleanliness, and temperature range. The major differences are in the level of friction, actuation direction capabilities, outer construction, mounting features, and dimensions.
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Gripper Sensors

Airpel Sensors
For customers desiring position feedback, Airpot offers a teachable, compact, switching position sensors from SICK, Inc. These sensors use non-contact GMR (Giant Magneto Resistive) technology. Adding position feedback to a GramForce gripper allows designers to easily achieve reliable position switching at any two desired points with only one sensor. With just two pushes of a button on the sensor control, you can set or reset the two trigger points.
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Dashpots and Shock Absorbers

Airpot Dashpots and Shock Absorbers
Airpot’s pneumatic damping products are specifically designed to provide unparalleled damping and energy dissipation accuracy by eliminating friction from their working elements. The materials used have built-in lubricity, high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent stability under temperature/humidity extremes, close coefficients of thermal expansion, and non-deteriorating performance due to age or non-use. The basic parts are a graphitized carbon piston, precision ground to millionths of an inch TIR inside an annealed, borosilicate glass cylinder with a precision fire-polished bore.
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Airpel Sensors

Airpel Sensors
Airpot GMR sensors make possible the addition of a position sensing option to our popular line of Airpel non-stiction air cylinder actuators. We offer non-contact electronic switching position sensors from Sick, Inc. using state-of-the-art GMR technology. These are the most precise and accurate magnetically activated pneumatic cylinder sensors on the market. The addition of GMR sensing technology to the Airpel non-stiction cylinder line offers OEM designers an easy-to-install, secure, and reliable position switching solution. The pneumatic cylinder sensors operate at 10-30 V DC and have repeatability of less than or equal to 0.2mm.
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Magnet and Tracks for Sensors

Airpot Magnet and Tracks for Sensors
Airpot position sensor magnet and track products offer piston position sensing for Airpel® cylinders. If you need electrical output of piston position, Airpot Corporation offers an easy-to-install, secure, and reliable solution.
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Airpel FFR Filter

Airpel FFR
Airpot’s Accurate Force Pneumatics accessories include filter / precision air regulator systems (FFR) that offer the precise control, optimal air quality and properly sized components that will allow you to get the most from Airpot’s unique Anti-Stiction® and low friction technology. Each Airpel filter / precision air regulator system (FFR) is a complete modular air preparation system composed of components selected by Airpot® engineers, based on years of application experience with low friction accurate force pneumatic motion control products. These systems are especially suited for use with Airpot actuators and Airpel cylinders where low friction/low hysteresis, sensitive response, long life, clean operation, and extreme temperatures are critical requirements.
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Displacement Products

Airpot Displacement Products
Airpot Corp’s displacement products include Self-Aligning Pneumatic Actuators and basic Piston / Cylinder Sets that are constructed using a graphite piston / borosilicate glass cylinder combination in which each piston is selectively matched to fit the cylinder with extremely close clearances. They have unparalleled low friction, responding to forces as low as only a few grams and pressures less than 0.2 psi. Starting and running friction are almost identical, preventing jerky, uncontrolled starts and providing uniform smoothness throughout the full stroke of the device.
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E/P Transducer

Airpot E/P Transducer
To get the most accurate control of an air cylinder’s output force the next upstream component will often be a complementary proportional pneumatic pressure-control device. To provide this control function with our actuators, we have selected the most suitable models of self-correcting, miniature E/P transducers offering closed-loop pressure feedback circuitry for precise, responsive, and stable pressure. Used extensively by professionals who demand maximum performance and reliability, ControlAir’s Type 900X transducer meets our exacting standards. With these products joining forces, Airpot and ControlAir will provide actuation you can count on.
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Gramforce Grippers

Airpot Gramforce Grippers
With the sleek, new GramForce® gripper, you’ll find all the features you’d expect to find in Airpot’s family of Accurate Force Pneumatic products-and then some. At every turn, expect minute friction levels that assure uncompromising force accuracy. With wide operating temperature ranges. And repeatability you can depend on, time after time, for millions of times. Lubrication? Never! It’s pre-lubricated for life, so it never needs maintenance. The small size and a mere 205 grams total mass keeps this gripper light on its feet. Its stainless steel mounting blocks accommodate finger lengths up to 75 mm. And combined with its synchronous and parallel design, it is counterbalanced to provide unchanging gripping force in any mounting orientation: It’s a versatile gripper like no other. So, in short, we’ve gone to great lengths to design the GramForce® gripper for your most exacting applications powerfully tough on the inside, but with a grip as gentle as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings.
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