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For customers desiring position feedback, Airpot offers a teachable, compact, switching position sensors from SICK, Inc. These sensors use non-contact GMR (Giant Magneto Resistive) technology. Adding position feedback to a GramForce gripper allows designers to easily achieve reliable position switching at any two desired points with only one sensor. With just two pushes of a button on the sensor control, you can set or reset the two trigger points.

GMR sensors greatly reduce the potential for troublesome double switching, ensuring better accuracy.

With its compact profile, the GMR position sensor chip is encased in a small, rugged plastic shell. There are two small LEDs in the housing to indicate the switching signals. The sensor-ready GramForce Gripper has an internal magnet and the housing is designed with a built-in slot to hold the sensor. Installation of the sensor is quick, easy, and secure.

Sensors for the GramForce gripper are sold separately and are available with PNP or NPN output.

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