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Product Lineup

DPS Series Digital Display Pressure Switch

All Air Brand-DPS Series Digital Display Pressure Switch

DPH Series Digital Display Pressure Sensor
(Analog Output)

All Air Brand-DPH Series Digital Display Pressure Switch

GS / GF / GU / GP / GV Series Pressure Gauge

All Air Brand-GS,GF,GU,GP,GV Series Pressure GaugeFeatures

  • High sensitivity even under low pressure
  • Easy to read dial
  • Many installation options
  • Several thread sizes available
DMS / CMS Series Sensor

All Air Brand-DMS,CMS Series SensorFeatures

  • Sensor types:
    • DMS: Solid State Sensor (Gray)
    • DMS: Waterproof Solid State Sensor (Yellow)
    • CMS: Reed Sensor (Blue)
    • CMS: Heat Resistant Reed Sensor (Red)
  • Vibration resistant, impact resistant
  • Bending resistant
EMS Series Sensor

All Air Brand-EMS Series SensorFeatures

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