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Precision Orifices

These molded restrictors feature accuracy comparable to jewel orifices at a fraction of the cost. Plain precision orifices have a straight connection for 1/16″ ID tubing. 17 color coded sizes ranging from 0.003″ to 0.040″ in diameter. Orifices with an integral filter and barbs for 1/16″ and 1/8″ ID tubing are available. The same 17 color codes are used and these barbed restrictors have the flow direction and orifice size marked on the body. In-line filters are also an option. These filters use the same sized bodies for 1/16″ and 1/8″ ID tubing.

Product Lineup

Precision Orifices & In-Line Filters

Precision molded orifices feature accuracy comparable to jewel orifices at a fraction of the cost. Color coded for easy identification.

NV-30 Series Precision Needle Valve

The NV-30 series is a precision adjustable flow control used in pneumatic and fluidic systems. Nickel plated brass construction provides excellent corrosion resistance, and a clean and bright appearance. Flow control needle has 7 to 8 turns of precision adjustment, and maximum flow approximately equal to a 0.025″ orifice. Unique laminar flow design ensures sensitive, repeatable control. Perfect for use in application requiring precision gas metering, and circuit speed or sequencing control.

Barbed Fittings & Barbed Fittings With Orifice Insert

Barbed fittings fit Airtrol R-900 and V-900 series regulators, and all Airtrol switches. They are also compatible with components from most major pneumatic component manufacturers.

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