Alkon offers hundreds of options for one of the most complete valve product lines in the industry. Alkon valves are some of the fastest cycling and most reliable in the industry. Every valve is made to order with ONLY the options you need, and with 100% product testing, we guarantee performance.

Series P Valves

Lapped Spool Valves

Alkon Lapped Spool Valve
The heart of the Series P valve is the packless body and spool assembly constructed of aluminum with a ceramic hard aluminum oxide finish. This unique cartridge and spool assembly is completely isolated from external forces; is pressure balanced, allowing any port to be pressurized or subjected to back pressure with no effect on shifting force, and has been designed to meet the most stringent requirements that today’s customers demand. All Series P valves are in-line, and all can be manifolded. This series is manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry today and all carry a three year warranty on all parts of the valve, including the coil. No lubrication; extremely fast shifting coupled with very low minimum pilot pressure, a variety of options and all at a low cost.


A 40micron filter is recommended.

Operating Pressures:

  • Internal Pilot (Standard): 10 P.S.I. to 150 P.S.I.
  • External Pilot: Vacuum to 150 P.S.I.

NOTE: External Pilot Supply of at least 10 P.S.I. required for vacuum service.

Cycle Rate:

Series P Valves may be cycled at over 2000 cycles per minute in most applications.


Include hard wired coils; factory assembly of valves to manifolds; a variety of plug connectors; pre-installed AQ push-in fittings, and many other popular options.

Series FW/MW Miniature 3-Way Valves


  • Choice of 1/8 NPT or 1/4 NPT
  • Standard Locking Type Manual Override
  • Direct Acting Solenoid
  • Anodized Aluminum Body for a corrosion resistant, lightweight package
  • Mount as a single station valve or stack into a manifold of up to 15 stations
  • Options include hard wired coils, non-locking manual override and a variety
    of plug connectors
  • Can easily be converted to a two way valve simply by plugging the exhaust port
  • Coils can be rotated in 90° increments
  • Choice of two flow models
Series P-MC 3-Way Valves


  • Compact size
  • Variety of combinations
  • In line design – or mount on manifold
  • Normally open or normally closed models • 1/8 NPT or 1/4 NPT ports
  • Cv – .5 (1/8”) or .85 (1/4”)
  • Cycle Rate – Up to 2,500 per minute
  • Standard locking manual override
Series P-035 4-Way Valves


  • Compact size – Only 3/4” wide
  • Multi purpose – use as a 4-Way or 3-Way • In-line design – or mount on manifold
  • Variety of models – solenoid or pilots
  • 1/8 NPT Ports
  • Cv-.40
  • Cycle rate – Up to 2,500 per minute
  • Standard locking manual overdrive
Series P-070 / P-1404 Way Valves

Alkon SERIES P-070 : P-140 4-WAY VALVES

  • High flow Multi-Purpose Design
  • Use as a 3-Way by plugging one port
  • In line design – or mount on manifold
  • Single or double solenoid or pilot
  • Two or three position models available
  • P-070: 1/4” Ports Cv – .8
  • P-140: 3/8” Ports Cv – 1.5
  • Cycle Rate – over 2,000 per minute
  • Standard non-locking manual override
  • Wide variety of popular options
Series P-4-Way Valves

Manifolds can be purchased separately or valves can be assembled to them at the factory.
Hardened mounting pins (2) are screwed into the valve body (5) until flush, and then the valve unit is inserted into the manifold block (4) after positioning the O-rings (1). By tightening the Allen head screws (3), the valves are seated and connected to the manifold block. This unique method assures a leak proof assembly. When manifolds are purchased separately, each kit contains mounting pins, set screws and O-rings for the purchased number of stations.

Series A Valves

Sprite Valve Actuator

Alkon Sprite Valve Actuator & Air PilotSPRITE solenoid/pilot operators are available for single or double actuation applications in horizontal configurations.
The SPRITE actuator offers lapped spool reliability in both valve and operator, providing a maintenance-free product life measured in multi-millions of cycles currently unobtainable from standard pilot/solenoid operators.
Offered in a wide variety of voltages and frequencies; all coils are rated for continuous or maintained signal service and continuous repeatable cycle rates in excess of 3000 CPM are possible. Molded coils are standard and solenoid housings meet most JIC and NEMA IV criteria. Non-locking manual override is standard.

Air Pilot

Alkon AIR BLEEDER OPERATEDIn applications where electrical controls are not suitable, or where they are hazardous, air pilot operated valves can be used. These valves can also be applied for special purpose circuitry such as sequencing or timing operations. Since the low friction characteristics of the body and spool assembly requires only .50 psig to shift, vacuum can be considered as a signal source. Air pilot operated valves, do however require external valves to supply the required signal pressure.

Alkon AIR BLEEDER OPERATEDAir Bleeder Operated

Both air pilot and bleeder operated valves can be applied when electrical control is impractical or hazardous. The bleeder can be used in place of the air pilot model where limited space prohibits the external pilot pressure supply required by the external pilot control valves.
Bleeder Operators
#6000, Plunger type bleeder operator is used when striking force is straight on. #8492, Ball type bleeder operator has a hardened ball for cam actuation.

Manual & Mechanically Operated Valves

Alkon Manually & mechanically Operated ValvesAvailable with either hand, foot or palm button actuators, manually operated Series A valves can be used directly as power valves to control air actuators or indirectly to operate larger pilot operated hydraulic or pneumatic valves. Hand or foot operated models are available with spring offset or with optional two position detent.
Three position, spring centered or detented, open or closed center hand valves are available as special assemblies. Consult factory.
Actuating force of palm button is only 2 lbs.

Multiple Station Manifolds

Alkon Multiple Station ManifoldsSeries A valves may be manifold mounted in a flexible arrangement which allows the stacking of any number of valves in any combination of actuators. With multiple manifold assembly, only one inlet connection is required for the entire manifold assembly.
The exhaust port on the manifold is also common to all valves in the assembly. Both inlet and exhaust ports are 1/2 NPT. Cylinder ports are available in either 1/4 or 3/8 NPT. All manifold bases are provided with side and bottom cylinder ports and are shipped with the bottom cylinder ports plugged unless otherwise specified.

Sprite Valves

Alkon Sprite Valves3 & 4-Way Air Valves That Bring a New Concept to Air Valve Design
The SPRITE II is truly a unique miniature solenoid air valve. It brings a technology to pneumatic control that through the years has proven on-the-job reliability in the small electrical relay field. This proven technology of solenoid actuation, and Alkon’s time tested lapped spool valve elements combine as the basis of the exciting SPRITE II valve.
The SPRITE II valve has been specifically designed to bring a higher level of reliability to pneumatic equipment, and at the same time a new level of versatility to system design.

  • Sub-base mounted. Same valve assembly may be used alone on its own sub-base or in compact multifunction manifolds
  • Simple operation
  • Operates with or without line lubrication
  • Working pressures to 125 psi
  • Continuous duty solenoids
  • Integral locating pin for fool-proof valve alignment to sub-base or manifold
  • Simple sub-base mounting from top or bottom

Flow Controls

Alkon Flow ControlsFlo-Set flow controls are an effective and accurate means of controlling the speed of pneumatic cylinders. They can easily be mounted in-line anywhere in your system.
A controlled setting of the exhaust port of the cylinder allows a set-back pressure to smoothly control piston velocity. They are recommended for all pneumatic applications to 150 PSI.

  • Easily mounted for in-line applications
  • Anodized aluminum for corrosion protection
  • Knurled sleeve for non-slip adjustment
  • Precision fit so vibration will not change adjusted setting
  • Excellent controlled flow and high free flow
  • For sizes 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 NPT

Series J Valves

Alkon J Series Valves

  • Angle Flow Control
  • In-Line Flow Control
  • Needle Valves
  • Check Valves

Omni Series Valves

Omni 150 Series Valves

Alkon Omni Series 150 Valves“Flip-Out” Design
The Alkon “Flip-Out” design is a special OMNI valve feature which makes valve changes, add-ons or removals quick and easy. Notched valve bodies and end plates permit “Flip-Out” valve replacement or stack rearrangement in seconds. Simply loosen top tie-rod, remove and lift out valve.

Omni 250 Series Valves

Alkon Omni 250 Series ValvesAir Pilot Operated
The OMNI Series 3-Way and 4-Way valves can be air pilot operated with three types of assemblies:

  • Double Air Pilot (No Valve Spool Spring) The valve spool is shifted by a momentary air pilot signal to either of the “A” or “B” Pilots.
  • Single Air Pilot, Spring Return The valve spool is maintained in the normal rest position in the “B” end. A maintained air pressure signal at the “A” end greater than the spring force will shift the valve spool.
  • Double Air Pilot, Spring Offset The valve spool is maintained in the normal rest position in the “B” end. A maintained air pressure signal at the “A” end greater than the spring force will shift the valve spool, providing no air pressure signal is on the “B” end. By controlling the pressure differential between “A” and “B” a variety of applications are available.
Omni 375 Series Valves

Alkon Omni 375 Series Valves3-Way & 4-Way Solenoid Air Pilot Operated
The Omni 375 3-Way and 4-Way solenoid air pilot operated valves offer these special electronic features:

  • Solenoid assembly so reliable it’s guaranteed.
  • A variety of standard AC or DC voltage options.
  • Dual rated solenoids for 50/60 cycles.
  • Plug in electrical connectors.
  • Explosion proof operators.
  • All coils molded epoxy – standard.
  • Build to meet or exceed UL standards.
  • Class H, hi-temp solenoid available.

Stainless Steel 316 Series Valves

Alkon Stainless Steel 316 Series Valves

  • 1/4 NPTF ported – 3-Way bodies and 4-Way bodies.
  • Solenoid, air, and manual actuators, In-line.
  • All valves are pre-lubricated and will operate dry (with no additional lubrication). However, a lubricated system will greatly extend the service life of any valve.
  • PTFE loaded Viton seals provide millions of trouble-free cycles.
  • Minimal breakout friction.
  • Unique wiping action eliminates contaminate buildup in bore.
  • Reduces spool hang-up due to compressor or oil varnishing.
  • Operates effectively in lubricated or non-lubricated systems.

Loc-Master™ Valves

Safety Lock Out & Exhaust Air Valves
Manual & Electric

Mini Bazooka Loc-Master® Valves

Alkon Mini Bazooka Loc-Master ValvesMini Bazooka and Big Bazooka Loc-Master valves are ported 1-1/2 and 2 NPTF to be used as system supply valves and in applications requiring high air flow capacity. The valves are 3-Way normally closed and operated by integral manual pilot valves. The pilot valves can be locked in the off position only.
Push handle in and one quarter turn to detent port 1 open to port 2, port 3 is blocked. One quarter turn of handle from detent allows valve to spring return shifting off port 1 and opening port 2 to port 3 exhaust downstream air (not trapped by some other system component).

Big Bazooka Loc-Master® Valves

Alkon Big Bazooka Loc-Master valve

“Electro-Loc” Loc-Master® Valves

The newest lockout valves from Alkon provide a manual lock out feature on 3-Way solenoid valves. Both manual and solenoid pilot actuator must be operated for valve to open. Shutting off either manual or solenoid operator causes valve to shift to off position blocking inlet and exhausting downstream air. Manual actuator may be locked off to prevent valve operation.
Available in port sizes 1/2, 3/4 and 1 NPTF.

Mini Bazooka Valves

Alkon Mini Bazooka ValveMini Bazooka is a 3-Way, 2-Position High Flow Air Valve – designed and built for tough industrial applications. We call it “Mini” because it’s a smaller version of the popular industry staple, the Big Bazooka.

  • High Flow Rate: Over 34 Cv
  • Low Breakout Friction: Alkon “Thin Lip” Seals virtually eliminate breakout friction insuring rapid response…even at low pressure.
  • Versatility: Can be piped to provide six different functions. Use MINI BAZOOKA for 2-Way, 3-Way, selector and diverter applications. It can be externally piloted for vacuum or low pressure service. Porting options, operator options, and mounting options make MINI BAZOOKA the most versatile valve of its type.

Big Bazooka Valves

Alkon Big Bazooka Valve
Big Bazooka with a Cv of 45 offers a large enough flow rating to safely control a complete industrial air system. For example: In solenoid operation, it could be held in an energized position, feeding air to a complete automation system. Should the system’s main disconnect be moved to the off position, Big Bazooka shuts off and bleeds the complete system.
Big Bazooka is also available manually operated with safety lock or air pilot operated.

Indy AU Series Valves

Alkon Indy AU Series Valves

  • Media: Air and inert gasses
  • Filtration: 40microns
  • PressureRange:
    Pilot Air-Maximum 30 psig to 150 psig and not less than main air supply
    Vacuum to 30 psig available
    Main Supply – 30 to 150 psig (standard)
  • Temperature: 0° to 180° F
  • Flow: 1.4 to 12.5 Cv
  • All valves are pre-lubricated and will operate with dry air (no additional lubrication required). However, a lubricated system will greatly extend the service life of any valve.

Detroit Line Glass Valves

Alkon Detroit Line Valves

  • Operating Pressure Range – 28” Mercury Vacuum to 125 PSIG, “VP” Pilot and Air Pilot Require Minimum of 30 PSIG to Shift Spool
  • Temperature Range – 40° to 180°F. (For Higher Temperatures Consult All Air)
  • Viton Seals Standard on All Models
  • Explosion Proof Housings Meet – Class I Groups C & D, Class II Groups E, F, & G

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