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Cylinders, Valves, and Rotary Index-Tables

Engineered to perform and built to last, Allenair robust and reliable system solutions speak to your unique industrial needs.

Cylinders, Control Valves, Rotary Index Tables and a wide range of Fittings are among the high quality products produced by Allenair. Specialty Cylinder lines include 100% All Stainless Steel Cylinders and Mounts in either 303 or 316 grades. 100% Stainless Steel is also available for the Linear Pump/Dispensers.

Allenair is proud to design and build products right here in the USA that are fully supported by our domestic supply chain.

Product Lineup


Double Acting Cylinders

This is Allenair’s largest and most configurable design. Engineered and built to outlast the life of your equipment, the snap ring closure design allows for rebuilding to further extend the life of your cylinder. You can choose a Type A, C, or E cylinder to perfectly fit your application. Allenair’s large range of bore diameters, rod sizes, and mounting configurations combined with high-quality materials is a winning combination.

Small Bore Cylinders

These small bore cylinders come in ½”, ¾”, and 1-1/8” diameter bores up to 14” stroke. They come with brass tubes that are precision honed with a cross-hatch lubricant retaining pattern. The front and rear heads are precision machined and threaded. Seals can easily be replaced if necessary to prolong the life of the cylinder. These can be used for pneumatic and hydraulic pressures up to 150 psi.

Threaded Construction Stainless Steel Cylinders

These threaded construction, all stainless steel cylinders are perfect for the food processing industry and any other wash-down required applications. This crevice-free design ensures that all catch points for contamination have been eliminated. They will stand up to repetitive power and chemical wash downs. These can also be rebuilt to help extend the life of the cylinder.

Single And Double Acting Valve-In-Head® Cylinders

Valve-in-Head® cylinders are unique, compact, self-contained units that combine both cylinder and valve into one complete module. This provides the highest level of performance with the quickest valve and cylinder response time and best-in-class flow. Eliminate possible failure points by reducing the number of fittings and tube connections. These cylinders will save on space, time, and cost. The robust design will keep your machine running, maximizing uptime and profits.

Cyl-Check® Cylinders

When you want the precision control of a hydraulic cylinder, but don’t want to mess with the pump, accumulator, and hoses, consider Cyl-Check® cylinders. These cylinders are unique in combining the flexibility of a pneumatic cylinder with the control of a hydraulic cylinder in one parallel or tandem mount package. These self-contained, maintenance-free hydraulic cylinders provide a full range of flow control, anywhere from 1 in/min up to 600 in/min. This, combined with a standard pneumatic cylinder, provides a plug and play unit that only requires standard pneumatic controls and connections. Add a Stop Check to gain the ability to stop the cylinder dead at any or multiple points along the travel, great as an E-stop. Skip Check allows for rapid movement in areas where precision control isn’t needed, while still providing the dialed-in hydraulic control where it matters most.


Valves are an important component of many system solutions in several industries, including oil and gas, alternative energy, and pharmaceuticals. A quality valve that you can rely on is essential. Failure is not an option when uptime and performance are crucial. With the large assortment of valves available, we can make sure you get the right valve for your needs.

4-Way Valves

Allenair 4-Way Valves
Allenair’s 4-way, 2 position valves are rugged and field proven with the ability to be mounted on any plane. These valves use a precision polished metal on metal slider style seal, which means the seal only gets better over time. This allows for ultra-fast shifting and valve longevity to match the life expectancy of your equipment, often exceeding 10 million cycles. These valves are available with many different operator options, including UL rated explosion proof.

P-Series 3-Way/4-Way Lapped Spool Valves

Allenair P-Series 3-Way/4-Way Lapped Spool Valves
These P-Series lapped spool valves are 2 position valves in either 3 or 4-way configuration. These valves have a very high cycle rate, which can exceed 2,000 cycles per minute, and have a very high flow rate with a Cv up to 1.5. There are many operator options and they are able to be manifold mounted with common pressure inputs. These are great in any industrial application requiring high cycle rates and long service life.

2-Way/3-Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valves

Allenair 2-Way/3-Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valves
Allenair’s line of direct acting, 2 position, 2 and 3-way solenoid valves have the quality to keep your equipment up and running for the duration. These valves are available as normally closed, normally open, or multi-purpose. All types can be supplied in various operating pressure ranges and satisfy a wide variety of applications. The valve bodies are offered in hard coated aluminum, brass, or stainless steel. These valves are also offered with many different power supply options and operator styles, including UL rated explosion proof. These valves are great in applications where mounting space is at a premium and performance is critical. The direct action of this valve ensures quick response and long functional life due to the minimum amount of moving components.

Omni Series Spool Valves

Allenair Omni Series Spool Valves
Allenair offers a wide range of standard spool valves in our Omni Series line. The Omni valve comes in 3 different body sizes, 2 and 3 position and 2, 3, and 4 way options. These also come in many different operator options, making it one of the most flexible valve lines on the market. The perfect combination of quality, performance, and flexibility gives you the best bang for your buck.

4-Way Direct Acting Valves

Allenair 4-Way Direct Acting Valves
Great things sometimes come in small packages. These compact 2 position, 4 way direct acting valves have been designed and manufactured to the highest level of performance and quality. These valves use a polished slider and base for sealing, which ensures quick response time, better sealing as the product ages, and longevity to exceed your equipment’s life. Every valve is tested with helium, making it an instrument grade valve.

Rotary Index Tables

Allenair Rotary Index Tables

Allenair Rotary Index Tables are precision indexing mechanisms, unsurpassed in accuracy, performance and dollar value. Every detail of construction is designed to increase durability and efficiency, and provide for long, trouble-free life. All parts susceptible to wear are carefully hardened. Bronze and roller bearings are incorporated. Working parts completely enclosed to protect against dust, dirt, and chips.

The Tables effect substantial savings in time and money in a wide variety of applications. For example, the Tables permit fast, automatic feeding of parts to tools in machine and assembly operations. Parts can be loaded and unloaded while machining operations continue. Other applications include cleaning and positioning operations, as well as use in conjunction with conveyor drive units.

Allenair Rotary Index Tables are available in a COMPLETE PRODUCT RANGE of four basic models, and each model can be supplied with any one of the following operating options.

  • As a basic Table with no operating valves. A 2-way or 3-way valve can be mounted on the rear of the drive cylinder as an option.
  • As a basic Table with a Pilot Timer Valve (PTV4), a 2-way valve (V2), and piped with flexible air hose ready for continuous automatic indexing.
  • As a basic Table with a Single Solenoid Bleed Pilot 4-way Valve (VSESA-AAS-1/4), a 2-way valve (V2), and piped with flexible air hose ready for use.
  • As a basic Table with a Single Solenoid Pressure Pilot 4-way Valve (VSSAP-AAS-1/4), a 3-way valve (V23), and piped with flexible air hose ready for use.
  • As a basic Table with a Double Pressure Pilot 4-way Valve (VAP-1/4), a 3-way valve (V23), and piped with flexible air hose ready for use.
  • As a basic Table with a Double Bleed Pilot 4-way Valve (VSA-1/4), a 2-way valve (V2), and piped with a flexible air hose ready for use.


Industrial Brass PTC Fittings

Allenair Industrial Brass PTC FittingsAllenair’s all brass push to connect fittings have been engineered to provide the highest level of performance and reliability and manufactured to last the life of your equipment and beyond. We have designed these fitting to have the deepest insertion length on the market, which allows for greater tube cut bias during assembly and larger bend radii during tube routing, giving you the highest leak free, first pass yield.

Brass AP Series Fittings

Allenair Nickel-Plated Brass PTC FittingsAllenair’s nickel plated fittings have all of the features and benefits of standard industrial fittings with an added layer of protection to survive in the harshest of environments.

Pipe Fittings

Allenair Pipe FittingsAllenair offers a variety of different pipe fittings that are designed to function up to 3,000 psi.

DOT Brass and Composite PTC Fittings

Allenair DOT Brass and Composite PTC FittingsDOT brass and composite push to connect fittings offer a perfect solution for vacuum applications. The floating tube support provides the support needed to keep tubes from collapsing under vacuum. The floating tube support and deep insertion depth allows for greater bend radii, leading to greater leak-free operation.

Industrial Brass Fittings for Plastic Tubing

Allenair Industrial Brass Fittings for Plastic TubingBrass fittings for plastic tubing are more durable and flexible than other material options and are resistant to corrosion.

Air Manifolds

Allenair Air ManifoldsAir manifolds come with various port options and different material types for low and high pressure applications.

Vacuum Manifolds

Allenair Vacuum ManifoldsA high-quality vacuum manifold will have optimum flow rates and high recoveries. Consistent flow makes processing more reliable and less prone to failure.

Industrial Tubing

Allenair Industrial TubingThere are many materials, styles, thicknesses, and applications for industrial tubing. Allenair can help find the right industrial tubing option for any vacuum distribution system.

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