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Gas Springs and Dampers

Ameritool is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel gas springs and dampers. With over 15 years of experience, Ameritool is the biggest stainless steel gas spring manufacturer in North America and is a global supplier delivering advanced technological solutions for almost every type of industry.

World famous boat builders, aerospace, industrial, food service and farm equipment manufacturers use Ameritool gas springs as original parts in their production lines. The range of applications is nearly unlimited.

Whether you want to lift, lower, or dampen, Ameritool Gas Springs, Dampers and Tension Springs will provide the controlled motion you require. Ameritool Gas Springs are excellent for aiding in lifting lids, covers, doors etc., keeping them open and controlling the rate at which they close.

Ameritool Gas Springs and Dampers

Product Lineup

Gas Springs – Fixed Force

Ameritool Gas Springs – Fixed Force
High quality American Made 316 stainless steel fixed force gas springs are self-contained pneumatic devices capable of producing very large forces. Each gas spring is pressurized with nitrogen gas and contains a small amount of lubricating oil within the cylinder. These gas springs not only have a superior visual appearance and quality, they are also available in various stroke lengths and forces. Used in opening or closing apparatus either by a vertical or horizontal travel for lifting, counterbalancing and motion control of doors, hatches, safety lids, hoods, cargo doors and access panels. Ameritool gas springs are suitable for all purposes and have unlimited application possibilities.

Gas Springs – Adjustable Force

Ameritool Gas Springs – Adjustable Force
Our industrial grade 316 stainless steel adjustable force gas springs are a powerhouse capable of lifting up to 1200 Lbs. There are no tools required; it just provides trouble free and practical support for years.

Gas Springs – Carbon

Ameritool Gas Springs – Carbon
Ameritool offers a wide variety of Nitride coated steel gas springs. Gas springs provide a controlled opening force, making them ideal for lids, doors and hatches that need assistance opening up. The below chart shows Ameritool gas springs are available in many sizes and forces. Gas springs are also known as gas struts, gas props, gas pistons or gas lifts.

Gas Springs – Tension

Ameritool Gas Springs – Tension
Tension gas springs also known as reverse acting gas springs are constructed from 316 stainless steel. The force on these springs pulls the piston rod inward, operating in the opposite direction of other gas springs. Great for use on doors, lids, hatches and hoods that need to stay closed. In its relaxed state, the spring is compressed; you must pull to extend it. Temperature range is -40° to +300° F.


Ameritool Dampers
There are three types of dampers: extension, compression and dual direction. Extension dampers provide controlled speed while the rod is being extended out of the tube. Compression dampers provide a controlled speed while the rod is being compressed back into the tube. Dual rate dampers have equal amount of damping in both directions. Dampers are designed in particular to match each individual application.

Adjustable Dampers

Ameritool Adjustable Dampers
Ameritool’s Adjustable Dampers are self-contained, maintenance free units that are 100% American made. Ameritool dampers are durable and feature damping on compression or extension. The travel speed can be easily adjusted and remains constant throughout the stroke. The single direction version is controllable in one direction only, with the free flow in the opposite direction. Adjustment is easily achieved by extending out fully and turning the rod until the desired speed is achieved. These dependable units offer long life cycle performance.

Tension Springs – Adjustable Force

Ameritool Tension Springs – Adjustable Force
Ameritool Adjustable Force Tension Springs are made from 316 stainless steel. Just like the adjustable force gas springs the pressure on these can be reduced down by the user with no tools required. The force on these springs pulls the piston rod inward, operating in the opposite direction of standard gas springs. Great for use on doors, lids, hatches and hoods that need to stay closed or would use assistance while closing. In its relaxed state, the spring is compressed, you must pull to extend.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism accessory mechanically locks the gas spring in the fully extended position. This is available for our 750, 875 and 1165 series gas springs.

Important Features and Benefits of our Locking Mechanism accessory

  • Safety Lock holds gas spring in extended position until released
  • Added safety in case of gas spring failure/damage or accidental closing
  •  Increased product control and operator protection
  • Made from 316 Stainless Steel
  • Suitable for use in any environment.


Ameritool Ready-Switch
Ameritool Mfg. , Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the new Ready-Switch.

Update and upgrade lighting applications. Sense and indicate open doors with the latest switch control from Ameritool – The Ready-Switch

Easily installed and use to enable or disable circuits by activating a gas spring. Since the Ready-Switch can be located at any position along the rod, the Ready- Switch can be added to most gas spring applications and will not compromise the quality or function of the gas spring. The Ready-Switch is a must have for tonneau covers, camper shells and storage door applications.


Ameritool offers a wide range of mounting brackets for our fixed force gas springs, Adjustable force gas springs, Carbon gas springs, Tension gas springs , Dampers , Adjustable force tension springs and Adjustable dampers

Ball Studs

Ameritool offers a broad variety of ball studs for every size gas spring and damper. Ball studs are available in the highest quality stainless steel and zinc plated steel.

End Mounts

Proper mounting is a major component in extending the life of a gas spring. Ameritool offers a wide selection of end fittings to work for various mounting configurations for gas springs, tension springs and dampers.

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