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All Air Incorporated offers a full line of electronic and pneumatic motion control products from Arrow Pneumatics including filters, regulators & lubricators, bronze mufflers & vents, dryers & drains, and modular FRL’s. A wide variety of sizes are available, ranging from 5 SCFM to 15,000 SCFM.

Product Lineup


Arrow Filters
Particulate filters remove harmful oil and water condensate, pipe scale, dirt and rust from your compressed air system. This prevents corrosive damage to compressed air equipment and finished products. Typically, particulate filters are installed upstream of regulators to prevent valve failure. They are also used as pre-filters to oil removing and coalescing filters to insure high efficiency and long element life in applications such as paint spraying, instrumentation and pharmaceuticals.
Certain pneumatic systems require air virtually free of oil and oil vapors. In these instances, oil removal may be achieved with the use of a coalescing filter.

  • Particulate Filters
  • Coalescing Filters
  • Oil Removing Filters
  • Adsorber Filters
  • In-Line Air Tool Filter


Arrow Regulators
Pneumatic equipment that operates at higher than recommended pressure can cause excess torque, force and wear and can waste compressed air. Operating below specified pressure can cause machines to fail to meet their design performance specifications. Therefore, precise air pressure control is essential to efficient operation of air-powered equipment. An
air line regulator is a specialized control valve which reduces upstream supply pressure level to a specified constant downstream pressure.

  • Miniature Regulators
  • Intermediate Regulators
  • Standard Regulators
  • Midflow Regulators
  • High Flow Regulators


Arrow Lubricators
Most pneumatic system components and most pneumatic tools require oil lubrication for proper operation and long service life. Too little oil can cause excessive wear and premature failure. Too much oil is wasteful and can become a contaminant, particularly when carried over with the air exhaust. Pneumatic equipment can be lubricated by the use of an air-line lubricator. Filtered and regulated air enters the lubricator and is mixed with oil in an aerosol mist. The lubricated air is then routed to the operating system.

  • Miniature Lubricators
  • Intermediate Lubricators
  • Standard Arrowfog Lubricators
  • Standard Ultrafog Lubricators
  • Midflow Arrowfog Lubricators
  • Midflow Ultrafog Lubricators
  • Arrowick Lubricators

Desiccant Products

Arrow Desiccant Products
Water in a compressed air system, if not removed, can damage production machinery, rust pipes, shorten component life, clog air lines and reduce air flow, resulting in costly downtime and defective product. Dryers remove water vapor from the air. Installing a dryer removes this water vapor before it condenses in the line or in downstream equipment.

  • Miniature Desiccant Dryer
  • Stage Air Drying Systems
  • Clear Advantage
  • In-Line Desiccant Dryers
  • Replacement Desiccant Beads



  • Miniture Integral Filter/Regulator
  • Intermediate Filter/Regulator
  • Standard Filter/Regulator

Combination Units

Arrow Combination Units

  • Miniature FRLs
  • Modular FRLs

Electric Drains

Arrow Electric Drains

5704S Electric Air Compressor Drain
No more crawling under the compressor tank to manually open the tank drain – simply install the Economatic
Electric Drain – the drain can be adjusted to open and expel water from 1 to 60 minute intervals and the drain
time (time the drain stays open draining water) can be adjusted from 1 to 30 seconds. Electric drain comes with
a Y strainer which protects the drain by trapping any debris. Max working pressure is 200 psi.

T53-04W Water Drain

  • Automatically expels liquids from piping network in compressed air systems
  • Use in low spots in an air system where water is likely to accumulate
  • Float type drain features a protective stainless steel screen with umbrella baffle, providing large sump area
    for oil, sludge and dirt
  • Max pressure 175 psi, temperature 40°-120° F
  • 1/2″ NPT

Sintered Bronze

Arrow Sintered Bronze Products

  • Breather Vents
  • Pneumatic Exhaust Mufflers
  • Super Quiet Flow Economy Pneumatic Silencer Mufflers
  • Super Quiet Flow Heavy-Duty Metal Pneumatic Silencer Mufflers
  • Speed Control Mufflers
  • In-Line Nipple Filters
  • Air/Oil In-Line Tool Filter

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