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FRLs, Mufflers, Coolers

All Air Incorporated offers a full line of electronic and pneumatic motion control products including Arrow after coolers, filters, regulators and lubricators, bronze mufflers, and modular FRL’s. A wide variety of sizes are available, ranging from 5 SCFM to 15,000 SCFM.

Product Lineup


Arrow Filters

  • Particulate Filters
  • Coalescing Filters
  • Oil Removing Filters
  • Adsorber Filters


Arrow Regulators

  • Miniature Regulators
  • Intermediate Regulators
  • Standard Regulators
  • Midflow Regulators
  • High Flow Regulators


Arrow Lubricators

  • Miniature Lubricators
  • Intermediate Lubricators
  • Standard Arrowfog Lubricators
  • Standard Ultrafog Lubricators
  • Midflow Arrowfog Lubricators
  • Midflow Ultrafog Lubricators
  • Arrowick Lubricators



  • Miniture Integral Filter/Regulator
  • Intermediate Filter/Regulator
  • Standard Filter/Regulator

Combination Units

Arrow Combination Units

  • Miniature FRLs
  • Modular FRLs

Dessicant Products

Arrow Desiccant Products

  • Miniature Desiccant
  • Stage Air Drying Systems
  • Clear Advantage
  • In-Line Desiccant Dryers
  • Replacement Desiccant Beads

Electric Drains

Arrow Electric Drains

  • Electric Drain
  • New Electric Drain

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