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Air & Nitrogen Boosters

What are Air & Nitrogen Boosters?
A booster is a piston compressor that brings already compressed air or gas to medium (40 bar) or high (300 bar) pressure.

Why do I need a booster?

  • Because your compressed air or industrial gas application requires medium or high-pressure air.
  • To handle peak demand in compressed air or industrial gas.
  • For use as a back-up compressor.

What are the benefits of a booster?
To generate air or gas with a higher pressure, you can use a high-pressure compressor or a pneumatic amplifier, or you can increase the pressure in your central compressed air network. But adding a booster to your standard air system is the most energy efficient option.

Do I need a 40 or 300-bar booster?

  • 40-bar boosters typically produce on-demand air or gas for applications without strong fluctuations in demand.
  • 300-bar boosters can be used to fill bottles, which in turn can be used to handle peaks in demand.
Chicago Pneumatic bstAIR 300 - Air & Nitrogen booster

Product Lineup

bstAIR 300 – Air & Nitrogen booster

Chicago Pneumatic bstAIR 300 - Air & Nitrogen booster
Whether you need a booster for a high-pressure application, to manage peak consumption, or as a back-up compressor, the bstAIR 300 is your ideal solution. It delivers that high-pressure air or nitrogen with absolute reliability, efficiency, low noise and ease of use. The bstAIR 300 is available with a flow range from 0.20 m3/min to 0.83 m3/min.

  • Multistage piston pump
  • Forced and splash lubrication system
  • Crankcase vented via the oil separator and the oil breather for minimal use of oil
  • Inlet and outlet solenoid valves
  • Inlet pressure sensor
  • Axial fan on the booster shaft

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