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Air Treatment

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Using top quality technology and components, our air treatment products offer reliable solutions. Reliability from us, provide security for you.

Easy to operate
With easy access to critical components, our products offer easy to operate, easy to maintain solutions for all businesses.

Peace of mind
With our air treatment products we enhance peace of mind regarding your compressed air system. Air treatment reduce costs, prevents tool degeneration and dangerous substances in your drain water.

Product Lineup

Refrigerated Dryers

Chicago Pneumatic Refrigerated Dryers
Reliable supply of dry and clean compressed air
Atmospheric air, drawn into a compressor, always contains humidity. During the compression process, this humidity becomes condensate and may cause serious damage to your air distribution system and your equipment. Our CPX 4-840 refrigerant dryers has been developed to solve the problem, they reliably remove condensate getting perfectly dry compressed air and dewpoint up to +3°C.

  • Quick installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Advanced control

All of our CPX refrigerated dryers as standard are equipped with the capacitive condensate drain, using electronic sensors to save energy and discharge only condensate without wasting any compressed air. The operation of each dryer is monitored by an electronic controller which shows all all relevant information about status of the dryer & dew point indication.

Line filters

Chicago Pneumatic Line Filters
Contaminated air in compressed air line leads to a significant reduction in equipment efficiency, its wear, corrosion and leaks. Chicago Pneumatic offers a complete family of high-performance line filters to ensure removal of all types of pollution to improve the quality of compressed air and to protect your equipment.

  • Compact and easy
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable and durable
  • Pure compressed air according to ISO standard
C-filter range

High-efficiency coalescing filters, removing solid particles, liquid water and oil aerosol. Total Mass Efficiency: 99,9 %. For optimum filtration, a C filter should be preceded by a G filter at all times.

D-filter range

High-efficiency particulate filters for dust protection. Count Efficiency: 99,97 % at Most Penetrating Particle Size (MPPS = 0,06 micron). A D filter should be preceded by an S filter at all times and is commonly fitted after an adsorption dryer.

G-filter range

Coalescing filters for general purpose protection, removing solid particles, liquid water and oil aerosol. Total Mass Efficiency: 99%. For optimum filtration, a G filter should be preceded by a water separator.

P-filter range

Coalescing and particulate general purpose pre-filter. Removes solid particles, dust, liquid and oil aerosol. Total Mass Efficiency: 90%.

S-filter range

Particulate filters for dust protection. Count Efficiency: 99,81 % at Most Penetrating Particle Size (MPPS = 0,1 micron). An S filter should be preceded by a dryer at all times.

V-filter range

Activated carbon filter for removal of oil vapour an hydrocarbon odors with a maximum remaining oil content of 0,003 mg/m³ (0,003 ppm). 1000 hour lifetime.

Oil-water separators

Chicago Pneumatic Oil-Water Separators
Oil in the condensate can be an environmental risk. Remove the risk and reduce your costs with our oil-water separator!

Every air compression process produces condensate containing oil and other contaminants. Also the condensate separated in refrigerant dryers or in cyclone separators contain oil. These Chicago Pneumatic CPP Oil-water separators are a simple and environmentally friendly solution to this problem. Separating oil and water through a multistage cascade filtration system results in rinsed water which can be discharged into the sewage system and a limited amount of oil to be disposed of in a specialized center.

  • Eco friendly
  • Efficient
  • Reduced costs

Depending on the capacity of your compressed air system you can chose one of three CPP 21-1140 ranges, all are very reliable, easy in use and extremely efficient. They can significantly prolong the life span of your equipment and protect the environment.

Condensate Drain

Chicago Pneumatic Condensate Drains
Automatic condensate drainage removes the condensate from your compressed air network. Greatly reducing the risk of destructive wear of your air distribution system, not to mention the manual labor of doing timer condensate discharge.

Air Receivers

Chicago Pneumatic Air Receivers
Suitable for any compressed air solutions, our air receivers decrease the risk of unstable pressure peaks, condensate risk and multiple start/stop of the compressor.

  • Condensate separation
  • Temperature and pulsations reduction
  • Pressure stabilization

Our vertical air receivers are available from 100 untill 5000 liters and in three types: painted, galvanized and vitrified vessels ( vitroflex).

Painted vessels

Painted vessels are used in the majority of the cases, where the air receiver is not submitted to extreme weather conditions and perfectly clean air is not an absolute prerequisite. The paint job ensures protection against corrosion.

Galvanized vessels

Galvanization is used to protect steel against corrosion. The process itself is simple: the vessel is completely submerged in a zinc liquid bath. As a result, the zinc coating perfectly adheres to the entire surface of the tank, ensuring full protection of the steel.

Vitrified vessels (vitroflex)

These vessels are treated with vitreous enamel, making them water and steam resistant. The complete reliability of this type of treatment is the result of the inorganic composition and the link created between the enamel and metal surface. After having been baked at 850°C, the enamel no longer absorbs water and fully protects the vessel against corrosion.

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