Coilhose Pneumetics offers several of the most common plastic tubing used in industrial and pneumatic applications. Each thermoplastic compound exhibits different characteristics that need to be taken into consideration when selecting tubing for any application. Becoming familiar with the different features and advantages of each tubing compound will be most beneficial in the selection process.

Product Lineup

Nylon (PA) Tubing

Offers a High Pressure and Temperature Range.

Coilhose - Plastic Tubing

Polyurethane (PU) Tubing

Offers Kink Free, Flexible Performance.

Bolded Polyurethane Tubing

A Cost Effective Method of Routing Two or More Lines.

Polyethylene (PE) Tubing

Offers Good Flexibility and an Economical Cost.

Polyvinyl (PVC) Tubing

Clear, lightweight and non-toxic tubing that offers more flexibility than nylon or polyurethane.

Weld Spatter Tubing

Resists Incidental Exposure to Sparks from Welding and Cutting.

D.O.T. Tubing

Type-A Non-Reinforced Nylon Tubing is perfect for Accessories and Instruments on Air Brake Systems.

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