Coilhose Pneumatics is the Industry’s Leading Manufacturer of airline tubing. We carry a wide range of straight hose to satisfy your needs. Heavy duty, highly flexible, lie-flat or just general purpose, All Air and Coilhose pneumatics have the straight hose you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Product Lineup

Flexeel®Coilhose Pneumatic Flexeel Hose

A Lightweight Alternative to Bulky Rubber Hose.

Flexeel Max®Coilhose Pneumatic Flexeel Max Hose

The Flexeel Max® Adds Additional Features to the Flexeel® Reinforced Polyurethane Hose.

Yellow Belly™Coilhose Pneumatic Yellow Belly Hose

Hybrid PVC Air Hose Lies Flat and Maintains Flexibility in a Broad Temperature Range.

Heavy Duty Neoprene HoseCoilhose Pneumatic Heavy Duty Neoprene Hose

A Tough, Heavy-Duty Hose that is Oil Resistant.

General Purpose Rubber Hose

Coilhose - Straight Hose


Coilhose Pneumatic Gigaflex Hose
A Reinforced PVC Air Hose with a High Working Pressure.

Thermoplastic HoseCoilhose Pneumatic Thermoplastic Hose

A PVC based hose that provides an Increased Working Pressure and Oil Resistance.

Lock-On SeriesCoilhose Pneumatic Lock-On Series Hose

Does not require clamps or ferrules.

Flexflow®Coilhose Pneumatic FlexFlow Hose

Optimal for Lubrication and Cooling Applications.

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