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Mechanical Actuators

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Enerpac’s line of Uni-Lift mechanical actuators has set a new standard for linear motion control. Improving on the time-tested concept of converting rotary movement into linear motion, the Uni-Lift actuator series is ideal for a variety of challenging screw jack applications as well as moving heavy equipment.

Enerpac Mechanical Actuators

Product Lineup

Machine Screw Mechanical Actuators

Enerpac Mechanical Actuators
UNI-LIFT machine screw mechanical actuators offer precise positioning, uniform lifting speeds and capacity up to 250 tons. Standard model configurations include upright or inverted units with translating or rotating lifting screws. End configurations are available in top plate, plain, threaded or clevis ends.

Ball Screw Mechanical Actuators

Enerpac Ball Screw Mechanical Actuators
UNI-LIFT ball screw mechanical actuators provide high efficiency and high speed in a linear positioning package up to 100 tons. The low friction ball screw and nut design provides longer life at load and requires less power to achieve a specified thrust and movement. Ball Screw Actuators can be used individually, in tandem or as part of a larger mechanical system. With lifts up to 20 feet, UNI-LIFT ball screw actuators offer the perfect solution to a wide range of linear positioning applications.

Actuator Accessories

Enerpac Actuator Accessories
A complete line of hand wheels, motors, motor adaptors, rotary limit switches, worm gear reducers, mitre gear boxes, couplers, shafting, screw end adapters, pillow blocks, rotary limit switches, electrical controls and boots – Enerpac can provide the accessories you need to compliment your mechanical actuator system and to ensure the efficient operation, extended life and safety of your actuator system.

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