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Enerpac system components – all the additional components you need to complete your high pressure hydraulic system. Engineered to work with your Enerpac cylinders, pumps and tools. All Enerpac components are designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards. With this complete line of hydraulic hoses, gauges, valves, couplers, fittings, manifolds, and oil Enerpac has the accessories to compliment your system and ensure the efficient operation, long life, and safety of your hydraulic equipment.

Enerpac System Components

Product Lineup


Enerpac Couplers
Hydraulic couplers for quick connections of hydraulic lines.


Enerpac Fittings
Hydraulic fittings are used to connect all cylinders, components, power sources, tubes, gauges and hoses in a hydraulic system. Enerpac fittings provide flexible, safe and leak free connections.


Enerpac Gauges
Enerpac hydraulic gauges and accessories supply a visual reference for system pressure and force. Gauging hydraulic pressure from 0 to 50,000 psi. Designed for fast, easy installation, hydraulic gauges are ideal for use in many applications, specifically for high cycle and harsh environments.


Enerpac Hoses
Enerpac high pressure hydraulic hoses; thermo-plastic hoses for demanding applications and heavy duty rubber hoses with rubber coating.

Hydraulic Oil

Enerpac Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic oil with high viscosity index ensuring maximum lubricity over a wide range of operation temperatures. Use only genuine Enerpac hydraulic oil to guarantee optimal performance and long life of your hydraulic equipment.


Enerpac Manifolds
For multiple hydraulic line connections at one central location directing oil to or from a pressure source.


Enerpac Valves
Enerpac hydraulic valves are available in a wide variety of models and configurations. Whatever your requirements; directional control, flow control, or pressure control; you can be sure that Enerpac has the correct valve to match your application exactly. Designed and manufactured for safe operation up to 10,000 psi, the range of Enerpac valves allows for direct pump mounting, remote mounting, manual or solenoid actuation, and in-line installation, giving you flexible solutions to control your hydraulic system.

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