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Enerpac offers an extensive range of dedicated tools for a variety of specific and flexible applications. Whatever your requirement, cutting, punching, spreading or bending, you can be sure that Enerpac has the correct tool to do your job safely and efficiently. Featuring maintenance sets, machine lifts and load skates, as well as hole punches, pipe benders and cable cutters, Enerpac has the tools to ensure that even your most demanding applications can be undertaken with the highest degree of safety and accuracy.

Enerpac Tools

Product Lineup


Enerpac Cutters
A broad range of hydraulic and mechanical cutters. Enerpac cutters eliminate time-consuming and unsafe cutting tasks. Damage to parts is minimized through the use of controlled hydraulic power.

Machine Moving Tools

Enerpac Machine Moving Tools
Move heavy loads easily and safely.

Pipe Benders

Enerpac Pipe Benders
Hydraulic pipe benders are designed to bend mild steel pipe. Makes smooth, wrinkle-free bends.


Enerpac Punches
Hydraulic punches provide a simple tool for punching holes through steel.


Enerpac Spreaders

Tension Meter and Load Cells

Enerpac Tension Meter and Load Cells
Tension meter and load cells with an accuracy of +/- 2% of full scale. Dual-range readout in kilograms and pounds.

Tool Sets

Enerpac Tool Sets
Ready-to-use hydraulic tool sets. The quickest and easiest way to start working right away.

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