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Workholding Tools

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A full range of well-designed, workholding tools used to provide powerful clamping and positioning force to every type of manufacturing process. Global distribution yet local technical support ensure that your application needs to be solved successfully. Exclusive workholding cylinder series used for punching and clamping in automotive manufacturing. A wide selection of high-performance hydraulic power units bring innovation and reliability to your project challenges.

Enerpac Workholding Tools

Product Lineup

Workholding Clamps

Enerpac Workholding Clamps
Enerpac’s complete line of clamps provides maximum clamping force in the smallest possible package. With several mounting and operation styles available, Enerpac can fit any clamping need you can think of. Our unique patented clamp arm design is an industry exclusive, and makes Enerpac’s swing cylinder line more versatile than ever before. Made to the highest quality standards, Enerpac clamps will provide maximum performance and trouble free operation.

Work Supports

Enerpac Work Supports
Enerpac’s line of work support cylinders gives you maximum holding force in a compact package. Incorporating innovative material combinations, our work supports feature the lowest lock-up pressures in the industry. Also, the use of corrosion resistant materials enables Enerpac work supports to stand up time and time again to even the most abrasive applications.

Workholding Cylinders

Enerpac Workholding Cylinders
Enerpac has the most complete line of workholding cylinders – compact short-stroke spring return cylinders to heavy-duty double-acting automation cylinders. Whether you need to push it, pull it, clamp it, punch it, stamp it, press it, or hold it in place for days at a time, Enerpac has the right cylinder.

Enerpac Workholding Cylinder Accessories

Enerpac Workholding Cylinder Accessories
Workholding cylinder accessories are provided so that you can effectively position, mount and actuate Enerpac hydraulic cylinders according to your specific fixturing or production applications.


Enerpac Collet-Lok
Enerpac Collet-Lok products combine the automation of hydraulic actuation with the security of an internal locking mechanism. After actuation and locking, these products maintain their clamping or supporting capacity without maintaining hydraulic pressure in the circuit. Available in Swing, Push and Work Supports models, Enerpac Collet-Lok products are also available in numerous special configurations and modifications.

Pumps and Power Sources

Enerpac Pumps and Power Sources
Whether you need to run your parts once a day or 24 hours a day, Enerpac has the power source to help you get the job done. Hydraulic pumps range from simple manual pumps to air operated, to fully customizable electric motor driven units. With a wide variety of accessories to choose from, Enerpac power units are easily the most versatile and reliable in the industry.


Enerpac Valves
Enerpac hydraulic valves are available in a wide variety of models and configurations. Whatever your requirements; directional control, flow control, or pressure control; you can be sure that Enerpac has the correct valve to match your application exactly. Designed and manufactured for safe operation up to 10,000 psi, the range of Enerpac valves allows for direct pump mounting, remote mounting, manual or solenoid actuation, and in-line installation, giving you flexible solutions to control your hydraulic system.

System Components

Enerpac System Components
Enerpac system components – all the additional components you need to complete your high pressure hydraulic system. Engineered to work with your Enerpac cylinders, pumps and tools. All Enerpac components are designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards. With this complete line of hydraulic hoses, gauges, valves, couplers, fittings, manifolds, and oil Enerpac has the accessories to compliment your system and ensure the efficient operation, long life, and safety of your hydraulic equipment.

Palletized Fixture Components

Enerpac Palletized Fixture Components
Enerpac provides a variety of solutions for use in palletized fixtures:

  • Manual and Automated Coupler Systems for connecting/disconnecting to the fixture
  • Rotary couplers for use with continuous connection systems
  • Pressure intensifiers to provide increased pressure for clamping when used with machine hydraulics
  • Safe Link for remote wireless monitoring of fixture pressure or clamp position

Safe Link Pressure and Position Monitoring

Enerpac Safe Link Pressure and Position Monitoring
SafeLink provides wireless communication between the fixture mounted SEND unit and the machine control interfaced RECEIVE unit. A pressure switch is used on the fixture to monitor the circuit pressure. If the pressure switch on the fixture goes open, the RECIEVE unit communicates the changed status to the machine control through either 24 VDC, Modbus RTU RS485 or Ethernet IP protocol or Modbus TCP/IP. The machine control would interrupt the machining process. The SEND unit can also be used with limit switch based position sensing clamps to verify clamped or unclamped status for robotically loaded systems.

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