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Cylinder Positioning System

Enfield Positioning Systems are best-in-class. Enfield has just released the S2, a servo pneumatic proportional control system offering an all in one pneumatic system capable of positioning heavy loads at high speeds for lower cost than competing electric drives and hydraulic systems.

Product Lineup

Simple by design, the S2 has an integrated controller, removing the need for external wiring between the valve and electronics. A single 5-pin M8x1 connector allows for one cable to carry all signals back to the electrical cabinet. Plug-and-play with any standard position feedback cylinder, the S2 also features a +10Vdc excitation for resistive linear feedback devices.


  • Proportional Control
  • High Speed and Flow
  • 0…10Vdc or 4…20mA Command and Feedback
  • Single M8x1 Connector for Simplified Wiring
  • +10Vdc Excitation for Sensors

The S2 is capable of controlling a large range of cylinder types and sizes. An advanced control algorithm with pressure sensors on both outlet ports of the valve creates a system capable of unrivaled static and dynamic performance.

Enfield Technologies Positioning System