Enfield Technologies is a leading manufacturer in the realm of pneumatic and motion control systems, and Enfield Signal Source offerings exemplify innovation and reliability. These products play a pivotal role in providing accurate signals for controlling valves and actuators, ensuring seamless integration into diverse industrial applications. From precise motion profiles to synchronized control, Enfield Technologies’ Signal Source solutions are engineered to elevate the performance of pneumatic systems.

Product Lineup


The ASG-1 is a convenient variable voltage signal source. Common applications are automation systems, test and measurements stands, and R&D projects.
Input Power: 12…36 VDC
Excitation Voltage: ±24VDC Max (agnd…10VDC typ)
Power Rating: 0.25W
Mechanical Rotation: 300° ±5°
Signal Out Switch: Single Pole Double Throw
Temperature Range: 0°C to +70°C (32°F to +158°F)

Enfield Technologies Signal Source