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TR Electronic Pressure Regulators

Renowned for high quality motion control systems, Enfield Technologies produces a line of pressure regulators meticulously crafted to elevate your control setups. Enfield Pressure Regulators offer precise control over air pressure, ensuring optimal performance across a spectrum of industrial applications. Whether you’re navigating a complex manufacturing process or fine-tuning a specific application, Enfield Technologies’ Pressure Regulators deliver the accuracy and reliability needed for superior pneumatic control.

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TR Electronic Pressure Regulators

Enfield Technologies TR Electronic Pressure Regulator
Extremely fast (2.5ms) and very accurate (+/-0.1%), TR proportional electro pneumatic pressure regulators convert a voltage or current input into a precise proportional pressure output.

Direct-acting voice-coil technology inside these valves removes minimum pressure requirements and delivers smooth, accurate air pressure control from 145 psig down to 0 psig and below (vacuum).