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Pneumatic Products

Fabco-Air has provided cylinders, directional control valves, air presses, linear slides and more to its customers for over 40 years.

Fabco-Air’s product line includes Air Prep., Pancake® cylinders, Square-1® cylinders, tie rod cylinders, Multi-Power® cylinders and presses and Global Series™ extruded body cylinders. Their automation components consist of many styles of linear slides, rotary actuators, angular and parallel grippers. To supplement the above Fabco-Air offers a full line of control valves, both solenoid and manually controlled, flow controls, and reed, proximity and solid-state electronic sensors.

Product Lineup

Linear Actuators

Fabco-Air Actuators
Fabco-Air has an extensive and diverse selection of actuators to accommodate a host of pneumatic systems and equipment types. From the Original Pancake® that set the standard for quality compact cylinders to Pancake II, LONGSTROKE™, square, twin-bore and ISO-type styles, you’ll find the actuator you need with the quality you demand.
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Rotary Actuators

Fabco-Air Rotary Actuators
Fabco-Air offers pneumatic and vane-type rotary actuators designed to fit even your tightest industrial installations. Each compact model includes various bore sizes to choose from, as well as a wide range of standard and optional features to meet your unique application requirements.
No matter your rotation angle, pressure or sensor requirements—they have a rotary actuator that will get the job done. Each unit integrates high-quality, durable materials like stainless steel and anodized aluminum, guaranteeing their reliability in demanding conditions.
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Air Preparation

Fabco-Air Air Prep
Quality pneumatic components and systems demand quality air. That’s why we offer a full line of air preparation products to make sure critical parts throughout your system run at their best and last a long time. Fabco-Air’s FA Series of products features individual filters, regulators, lubricators and separators plus FRLs and other combination units to ensure clean and uniform air flow to critical parts. We can also help you keep personnel and equipment out of harm’s way with lockout/tagout and soft-start valves. Quick exhaust valves can help improve cylinder performance. Whatever your design or budget requires, there’s a Fabco-Air air preparation product or combo to meet your exact needs, ensuring your system will perform optimally and reliably for a maximum service life.
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Fabio-Air Valves
Fabco-Air covers all of your directional, solenoid, air pilot, needle and flow valve needs. Our valve lineup features a wide range of sizes and high-performance materials, including FDA-approved options for your flow and process valves. If installation space is an issue, you can mix and match our valves in a single compact manifold. Additionally, we carry several lines of special purpose valves—including shuttle, check, micro limit and pressure sensing valves.
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Fabco-Air Slides
Whether you require guided linear motion for a simple positioning or stamping operation or for a complex multi-axis robotic system in an automated assembly line, there’s a Fabco-Air pneumatic linear slide to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of slide styles such as single- and dual-bearing, pick-and-place, table, finger, block-type thrusters, linear thrusters and rodless designs. Compact sizes and low-cost models are also available.
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Fabco-Air Grippers
Whether you are looking for small, highly accurate grippers for assembly applications, or wider, larger grippers for the secure movement of larger payloads, you’ll find what you need in our range of Fabco-Air grippers. We have a collection of angular and parallel grippers in a variety of widths, bore sizes and pressures to choose from, including hydraulic and budget options.
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Fabco-Air Sensors
Fabco-Air offers LED-lit magnetic piston sensors, as well as cordsets and brackets, for use with our popular cylinder lines.

  • Various cylinder bore sizes
  • Sensor types—electronic and reed
  • Round and dovetail profiles
  • Mounting accessories include tie rod and band clamps
  • Quick Disconnect style includes six-inch pigtail and male connector
  • Prewired style comes with nine-foot lead
  • Female cordsets (for Quick Disconnect sensors)—three- and four-pin configurations, as well as two- and five-meter lengths

Vacuum Generator

Fabco-Air Vacuum Generator
Fabco-Air’s compact and quiet vacuum generator produces high-quality vacuum levels from shop air for parts handling, chamber evacuation and other applications. Units contain no moving parts.

  • Safe in hazardous atmospheres
  • 1/8 NPT Air Supply Inlet and Vacuum Outlet
  • 1/4 NPT Exhaust Outlet
  • Air consumption: 4.8 SCFM at 80 psi inlet
  • Vacuum level: 28 Hg at 80 psi inlet

Breathers & Mufflers

Fabio Breathers & Mufflers
Fabco offers a standard range of breathers and mufflers that prevent particulates from entering cylinders, valves and air preparation products and also reduce the noise of exhausting air.

  • Brass body
  • 300 psi maximum pressure
  • Temperature range: 35° to 300° F
  • Sintered Bronze—90 microns (MB Series), 40 microns (MM Series) and 250 microns (Model SM-10)
  • Model SM-10 replaces the housing nut on 53 Style solenoid exhaust ports

Rod Lock

Seal Kits

Mounting Brackets

Wrench Flat Tool