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Whether you are looking for small, highly accurate grippers for assembly applications, or wider, larger grippers for the secure movement of larger payloads, you’ll find what you need in our range of Fabco-Air grippers. We have a collection of angular and parallel grippers in a variety of widths, bore sizes and pressures to choose from, including hydraulic and budget options.

Our grippers feature high forces in a compact housing. Each gripper’s body is constructed out of hard-coated aluminum to resist corrosion and abrasion, minimizing maintenance time. A magnetic piston is standard for all grippers and allows you to integrate magnetic sensors to monitor the piston’s positioning. All grippers come either pre-lubricated or do not require additional lubrication, ensuring that each gripper works smoothly and safely.

Product Lineup

Parallel Grippers

SPG Series – Two-Jaw Small Parallel Gripper

Fabco-SPG SERIES Grippers
With its simple design, the SPG Series of parallel grippers is not only compact and lightweight, it also offers the widest range of customization options. This unique series features options for dowel pin precision mounting, adjustable stops, quiet high speed cycling, synchronization and much more.

LPG Series – Two-Jaw Large Parallel Gripper

Fabco-LPG SERIES Grippers
The LPG Series is a version of the EZ Series of linear slides modified for gripping. Available in multiple configurations, these grippers support heavy loads and large parts. The toolbars extend toward and retract away from each other with absolute parallelism and precise synchronous motion. This series has centering that is accurate within 0.002 inch repeatability for virtually “play free” gripping.

FKHS Series – Three-Jaw Small Parts Parallel Gripper

Fabco-FKHS SERIES Grippers
The FKHS Series has a compact design, three-pronged gripper and excellent repeatability. The three-pronged design allows more contact on the grasping part for more accurate centering when compared to two-pronged grippers. Direct body mounting holes on the top and bottom of the gripper make for easy alignment while mounting. Simple and cost-effective, these parallel grippers are well-suited for high-precision jobs in compact spaces.

FKHQ Series – Two-Jaw Compact Parallel Gripper

Fabco-FKHQ SERIES Grippers
The versatile FKHQ Series features a variety of sizes and pressure ranges to fit a diverse range of applications. Its narrow-opening design works to handle and manipulate objects with a high degree of accuracy. “Open” and “closed” positioning sensors can be easily installed due to mating slots in the gripper’s housing. This gripper’s low profile design and in-line wire outlet provides minimal intrusion for close mounting adjacent components.

FKHZ Series – Two-Jaw Compact Parallel Gripper

Fabco-FKHZ SERIES Grippers
For smaller parts that require careful handling, the FKHZ Series of parallel grippers can get the job done. This series is built to work in narrow openings common in semiconductor manufacturing, electronics assembly and packaging. No extra lubrication is required, and each gripper is built to hold optional sensors for open and closed positioning.

FKHL Series – Two-Jaw Wide Parallel Gripper

Fabco-FKHL SERIES Grippers
With its wide-gripper design, the FKHL Series is well-suited to handle larger parts in high volume jobs. Designed with oil-impregnated sleeve bearings encased in steel, these grippers move smoothly with no need for additional lubrication. The series also includes a built-in rod scraper for easier dust control and maintenance. Our dual-piston mechanism creates a high grip force to make sure the load stays in place.

Angular Grippers

FKA Series – Compact Angular Gripper

Fabco-FKA SERIES Grippers
The FKA Series of angular grippers is a cost-optimized design compared to the FKHC series. Ideal for applications that require movement in tight, confined spaces, the largest gripper in this series has a bore size of only 25 millimeters. These economical grippers require no additional lubrication.

FKHT Series – Toggle Type Angular Gripper

Fabco-FKHT SERIES Grippers
The FKHT Series features an extra measure of safety — a toggle mechanism that will securely hold the workload if the air pressure drops. With five tapped mounting holes, you have a high degree of installation freedom. Pair these grippers with 9C49-style sensors for surge suppression, polarity protection, LED indication and extremely fast switching speeds. This series does well in hazardous conditions and with heavy workpieces.

FKHC Series – High Force Angular Gripper

Fabco-FKHC SERIES Grippers
The FKHC Series of angled grippers are lightweight and can provide a very high force. Ideal for applications that require movement in tight, confined spaces, the largest gripper in this series weighs only 11 ounces.
These grippers have a unique additional piston that provides extra force when pressure is applied, enhancing synchronization. Adjustable needle valves control the speed of jaw motion to best suit any number of applications.

FKHW Series – 180-Degree Angular Gripper

Fabco-FKHW SERIES Grippers
When a space is too tight for even the smallest parallel gripper to fully open, the FKHW Series of angled grippers can step in. These grippers are perfect for applications that feature oddly shaped loads, or slightly larger workpieces. The series has a rack-and-pinion design that enables synchronization, a useful tool when multiple grippers are needed.

GR and GS Series – Versatile Angular Gripper

Fabco-GR AND GS SERIES Grippers
The GR and GS series of angled grippers are ideal for robotic and pick-and-place applications. Hardened parts and locking threads provide “stay put” adjustment and require no disassembly. Available in a wide range of operating pressures, the grip force can be adjusted by varying the input pressure. Choose between hydraulic or pneumatic service.

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