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Fabco-Air covers all of your directional, solenoid, air pilot, needle and flow valve needs. Our valve lineup features a wide range of sizes and high-performance materials, including FDA-approved options for your flow and process valves. If installation space is an issue, you can mix and match our valves in a single compact manifold. Additionally, we carry several lines of special purpose valves—including shuttle, check, micro limit and pressure sensing valves.

Product Lineup

53 Style – Hex Body and Miniature Modular Manifolded Poppet Valves

Fabco-53 Series Valves
The Hex Body 53 Style is a 2- or 3-way solenoid valve available as Normally Open or Normally Closed in three different porting styles. Compatible with air, water and other fluids with standard Buna-N seals, these valves have a variety of options available to best suit your application. Explosion-proof coils are available for this model.

Also available in both single or multiple manifold versions, the Multiple Manifold Miniature 53 Style Valve allows you to combine multiple functions and ports to save time, money and space. Available with 10-32 or ⅛ NPT ports, this series includes pressure manifold plugging, allowing for multiple pressures and medias to be controlled at once.

18, 14, M14 & 34 Series – Standard Spool Valves

Fabco-18 Series Valves
The 18, 14, M14 and 34 Series directional control valves feature a lightweight short-stroke Delrin® spool for a fast and reliable response. These valves are suitable for vacuum directional flow applications, but not for holding vacuum applications. Selected models of the 14 Series can also be stacked to save money and space.

12, 12A, 12B & 38 Series – High Flow Spool Valves

Fabco-12 Series Valves
The 12, 12A, 12B and 38 Series directional control valves offer you a number of customization options. These long-lived valves are constructed out of lightweight aluminum with hard anodized aluminum spools. Constructed simply for easy servicing and installation, the valves come in the following operations:

  • Single and double solenoid operated
  • Pilot operated
  • Hand lever operated
  • Push-pull operated
  • Treadle operated

FVA & FVEC Series – Flow Optimized Pneumatic Solenoid Valves

Fabco-fvec Series Valves
The FVA and FVEC Series of air pilot and solenoid valves are high-flow valves available with ⅛, ¼, ⅜ and ½ NPT ports in 4-way or 3-way Normally Closed positioning. These valves have multiple options and include 2- and 3-position spools. With manifolds ranging from two to ten stations, there are plenty of customization options.

FVEN Series – Namur Valves

Fabco-FVEN SERIES Valves
The FVEN Series of solenoid 5-port 2-position control valves features NAMUR mounting that attaches directly to the actuator without additional manifolding. These valves are designed for high flow with single or double solenoid model options. With a low-energy consumption, the FVEN’s durable solenoid coil can operate at a 100% continuous duty cycle.

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