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Aluminum Extrusion/Framing Components

All Air Incorporated carries a variety of Frame-World industrial frames and bases, machine guarding materials, and FastFrames preassembled modules. You will realize a significant savings over welded fixtures when you use these structural aluminum framing components, modules, connectors, brackets and accessories. Our product line is perfect for a number of applications including: machine guarding, robot guarding, factory automation, conveyors, fluid power, clean room applications, industrial racking, architectural applications, tool room fixtures, linear slide components, office fixtures and panels, displays and exhibits, and retail and store fixtures.

Designing and assembling guard assemblies, material handling fixtures tooling supports, machine bases, frames, and stands, is easier with our aluminum extruded products that are available in Standard 96”, 144.75”, 193.5” lengths, custom machined parts, extrusions cut to specified lengths (including miter cuts), kits and I.D. kits, and complete turnkey solutions. We also offer FastFrames Pre-assembled Modules and Sub Assemblies that are made from 1.5” x 1.5” heavy-duty aluminum extrusions, with wire mesh (black or yellow) or clear Lexan inserts. They are easy to configure and install, and include all necessary hardware.


  • Assembling aluminum extrusions is faster, simpler and less expensive than welding steel
  • Aluminum extrusions have nearly the same tensile strength as mild steel with a much higher strength to weight ratio
  • A few simple tools and low-tech labor are all that is required for most projects
  • No special safety equipment is required
  • Design changes or adjustments can be easily and immediately implemented (not true of welded projects)
  • Anodized aluminum does not need painting
  • T-Slot technology is widely utilized in industrial structural components and makes for easy additions and attachments

Perfect for a Number of Applications

  • Machine Guarding
  • Robot Guarding
  • Factory Automation
  • Conveyors
  • Fluid Power
  • Clean Room Applications
  • Industrial Racking
  • Architectural Applications
  • Linear Slide Components
  • Office Fixtures And Panels
  • Retail And Store Fixtures

Product Lineup

Bulk Profiles

  • Standard 96″, 144.75″, 193.5″ lengths. (other lengths can be furnished in quantity)
  • Available in standard and SMOOTH-Series (slotless) designs
  • 1/4″ and 5/16″ slot sizes
  • Optional anodized or powder coat finishes
  • Skidded, wrapped, padded and banded for shipping

Cut/Machined Profiles

  • Extrusions cut to specified lengths (including miter cuts)
  • Custom machining available: holes drilled, tapped; counter bores; milling, etc.

Components & Accessories

  • Wide range of brackets, joining plates, gussets, fasteners, handles, end caps, angles, panel material, bolts, etc.
  • Special hinges for ultra-strong doors
  • Custom accessories available

Kits & I.D. Kits

  • Kits for multiple frame orders, profiles and accessories are bundled and packaged for each individual frame
  • I.D. Kits indicate lengths on each extrusion (eliminates profile measuring during assembly)
  • Saves you time, money and labor

FastFrames Pre-assembled Modules and Sub Assemblies

  • Includes panels, doors, bases, carts, conveyor section, etc.
  • All necessary hardware is included
  • Available assembled or in kit form
  • Greatly simplifies designing & ordering of guards, frames, etc.
  • Single part number ordering

Complete Solutions

  • Complete turnkey solutions for machine guards, basses, frames, enclosures, racks, workstations & more
  • Tremendous labor (cost) savings
  • The simplest solution available
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