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Check, Shuttle, Quick Exhaust Valves

Quick Exhaust: Re-directs exhaust or expulsion of compressed air to high flow third port.
Shuttle: Allows compressed air to flow through it from one of two sources.
Check: Allows compressed air flow in one direction, closes to prevent backward flow.

Product Lineup

Quick Exhaust Valves

Humphrey Quick Exhaust Valves

Humphrey’s versatile, Super Quick Exhaust valves redirect the exhaust or expulsion of compressed air to a high flow piped third port. Their primary purpose is to enhance the performance and life of air cylinders and air actuators by quickly sensing upstream pressure differential and redirecting downstream exhausting air.

  • TAC Miniature Quick Exhaust Valves
  • The Humphrey Quick Exhaust

Shuttle Valves

Humphrey Shuttle Valves

Shuttle valves allow compressed air to flow from one of two sources, delivering each path to its common out port. Typical applications include function controls from multiple locations and introducing various pneumatic media or pressure.

  • TAC Miniature Shuttle Valves
  • The Humphrey Quick Exhaust

Check Valves

Humphrey Check Valves

Check valves allow compressed air to flow in one direction and prevent reverse flow. These one-way valves are used in applications where backflows are not permitted or must be redirected. Check valves are available in 10-32 UNF and 1/8 PIPE ports from the miniature TAC Series. Our “Humphrey Quick Exhaust” valves become excellent check valves by plugging the exhaust port.

  • TAC Miniature Check Valves
  • Classic Diaphragm Poppet Series

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