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Infinity offers a solid metal piping system that offers superior strength within a lightweight design. The system is easy to install, yet ensures high performance and versatility. Infinity offers the performance of heavy, traditional steel piping, at the cost of systems using plastic. Its revolutionary lock-and-seal design ensures a totally safe, leak-free system for all compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas applications.

The heart of Infinity is solid brass, nickel-plated fittings that make the system easy to use and install. Infinity’s powder-coated aluminum pipes are so light, they can be handled and installed by one person.Yet when coupled with solid brass fittings, the system yields unbeatable performance and reliability.

Unlike plastic piping systems which fail with age and wear, Infinity provides reliability and durability that can only be achieved through an all-metal system – plus some unique advantages.

  • Fittings can be disconnected and reconnected for reuse.
  • Leak-free connectors provide an immediate, unbreakable seal.
  • Lightweight piping remains unaffected by contaminants in the air.
Infinity Products
Infinity Products
Infinity Products

Infinity offers the easiest, fastest installation available.There’s no welding, gluing or threading, and very little skill is needed for a professional installation. In fact, a simple pipe cutter and de-burring pipe reamer are the only tools required.

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