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Belt Drive Linear Slides

The Isel Automation family of belt drive slide actuators come in several different configurations to meet a wide variety of applications. Our Belt Drive Linear Slides can be configurated into our XY or XYZ gantry tables using our XY mounting plates or right angle mounting brackets.

Features of Belt Drive Linear Slides

  • Standard Travels start at 148mm and go up to 5763mm.
  • Loads from a few grams to 440 Newtons (200 lbs.)
  • Slide can be fitted with several different types of motors.
  • Come standard with a mechanical limit switch built into the end of travel on both ends.
  • Speeds range up to 10 meters per second.
  • Stepper or servo motor options are available.

LEZ 1 Belt Actuator

Isel Automation - LEZ 1 Belt Actuator
The LEZ 1 Belt Actuator, also know as “The Automation Stick” is a very economical choice. It has a small cross sectional profile and can be used in applications where space and budget are both limited. Travels up to 2,848mm meters are standard and travels up to 4,848mm are available as a custom option. This belt drive linear slide can be used as a single axis application or configurated into an XY, H frame XY or XYZ gantry using our XY mounting plates or right angle mounting brackets. The rail used for the LEZ1 is our LFS-8-2. The LEZ 1 belt actuator is offered with two choices of stepper motors, a servo motor option or no motor. We also offer it with a 2:1 belt and pulley reduction assembly ready to accept a NEMA23 motor with 1/4″ diameter shaft.

LEZ1G Belt Actuator

Isel Automation - LEZ1G Belt Actuator

  • Speeds up to 2.4 meters/second with appropriate motor and driver
  • Repeatability: ±0.2mm (±.008in.)
  • Standard lengths up to 2 meters
  • Limit Switches at both ends of travel are included
  • 15mm wide reinforced HTD belt
  • CAD drawings available for download
  • Complete Electronics Package Available to Complete your Application
  • Lead is 48mm

LEZ 2 Belt Actuator

Isel Automation - LEZ 2 Belt Actuator
The LEZ 2 Belt Actuator is used for general purpose automaiton applications handling loads up to 100 lbs.
The belt is 25mm wide and thus provides greater load and speed capacity.
The motion is 70mm/shaft revolution, allowing for rapid motions – theoretically up to 5m/sec
The thicker body is better suited to longer travels where only the ends are supported.
The drive shaft at the non-motor end can be used to link a second parallel slide in an H configuration allowing for very long XY travels
Stepper or servo motor options are available.

LEZ 3 Belt Actuator

Isel Automation - LEZ 3 Belt Actuator
The LEZ 3 Belt Actuator is ideal when spanning a length where the slide is only supported at the ends.
Standard Lengths up to 6m, highest load capacity, and highest speed and acceleration.
Belt Actuator can be configured into XY or XYZ Gantry Tables.

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