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Industrial Workbench with T-Slot Table Top

These industrial workbenches are available in 3 standard sizes but are also available in custom LENGTH, WIDTH and HEIGHT. The T slot table surface is ideal for fixturing robots, cobots, part feeders, test rigs, wiring systems and many other industrial applications- quick and easy and no drilling and tapping required. If you need to reposition or adjust, just loosen the bolts, slide it over and retighten and you are done. The tables are available with either height adjustable pedestal feet or rolling casters. There is even an optional lower shelf. The table surface is made from our 4×250 RE series extrusion. This extrusion is 250mm (9.8″) wide so the table top is rigid. The extrusion is machined flat on both sides so you have both a level and flat surface to mount to. Table length can be custom ordered to lengths up to 3m. Table depths are available in increments of 250mm. Tables are also available with the PT 25 20×250 extrusion for a solid extrusion top with T Slots.

Isel Automation - Industrial Workbench with T-Slot Table Top
Isel Automation - Industrial Workbench with T-Slot Table Top Dimension Chart

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