Compact Wire Rope Isolators

ITT Enidine Compact Wire Rope IsolatorsFor the best in vibration isolation capabilities, Enidine’s Compact Wire Rope Isolators are a proven solution. Smaller than traditional wire ropes, these unique isolators provide simultaneous shock and vibration attenuation where sway and package space are a premium.

The all-metal design of Enidine’s Compact Wire Rope Isolator (WRI) provides unsurpassed multi-axis shock and vibration isolation and maximum reliability. Ideally suited for hostile environments, Compact WRI require virtually no maintenance and are unaffected by chemicals, oils, ozone, and abrasives. By implementing the Compact WRI products, the effects of the shock and vibration incurred by machinery can be reduced significantly and prevent or eliminate premature equipment failure and costly downtime.

If your application falls outside the standard Compact WRI product range, please consult the standard Wire Rope Isolator product line. Enidine’s WRI products are ideally suited for a broad range of applications. If a standard solution is not available, Enidine can custom design an isolator to suit your specifications.

  • Easy 2-point installation.
  • Cost effective and durable multiaxis shock and vibration isolation.
  • Ideal for sensitive equipment and electronics.
  • Small size permits isolation of individual system components.
  • Suitable for temperature ranges of -150º to 500ºF (-100º to 260ºC).
  • All-metal design is suitable for hostile environments.
  • Static load capacities

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