Jarret Series Buffers

Industrial Buffer for Large Applications

The design of the Jarret Series Buffers incorporates and harnesses the exceptional compression and shear properties of specially formulated silicone elastomers, resulting in a truly innovative solution. By leveraging these unique characteristics, the Jarret Series Buffers seamlessly integrate energy absorption and return spring functions into a single unit, eliminating the requirement for an extra gas or mechanical spring stroke return mechanism.

With its simple yet effective design, the Jarret Series Buffers offer unmatched reliability in performance. Engineered to withstand rigorous demands, they ensure consistent and dependable operation even in challenging environments. Additionally, these buffers exhibit a high damping coefficient, effectively dissipating vibrations and minimizing the impact of dynamic forces.

Notably, the Jarret Series Buffers display remarkable stability and resilience across a wide range of temperatures, showcasing low sensitivity to temperature variances. This feature guarantees reliable and predictable performance, allowing for consistent operation in diverse conditions.

Experience the exceptional benefits of these buffers, where simplicity, reliability, high damping coefficient, and temperature stability converge to provide optimal performance in a wide range of applications.

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