Viscous Dampers

Viscous Dampers / Seismic Dampers

Enidine Viscous Dampers / Seismic Dampers
Viscous dampers (also known as seismic dampers) are hydraulic devices that dissipate the kinetic energy of seismic events and cushion the impact between structures. They are versatile devices that can be designed to allow free movement as well as controlled damping of structures to protect them from wind load, thermal motion, or seismic events.

Our seismic dampers are well-suited for large displacement and/or large load applications such a bridges, buildings, and other large structures. Available in ratings up to 1,000 KIP.

Rotary Viscous Dampers

ITT Enidine Rotary Viscous Dampers
Rotary Viscous Dampers provide smooth control in applications that require continuous or intermittent positioning, forward, reverse and fixed path motion. The RVD design combines low breakout friction with viscous damping to control bi-directional rotary motion in numerous applications.

Each RVD contains a solid, rotating element called a “rotor”. This rotor is surrounded by a thin film of silicone fluid and sealed inside a stationary housing. The RVD’s rotor provides resistance by shearing the silicone fluid, controlling the desired motion.

  • OEM Office Machines – Rollers, lids and platens
  • Conveying – Rollers, buckets and diverting arms
  • Tilt Damping – Door hinges and access panels
  • Roll Feed Control – Smooth web tension control
  • Amusement industry – Safety cages and machine guards
  • Pneumatic turn table speed control
  • Mechanical Control – Levers, knobs, hand cranks, foot    pedals along with cams, springs and linkages