Tow Bar Snubbers

ITT Enidine Towbar SnubbersEnidine Hydraulic Tow Bar Snubbers provide features and benefits to extend the service life of inverted/overhead power and free conveyors by reducing the transmitted shock force encountered in the every day operation of the production line.

Hydraulic Tow Bar Snubbers manage the acceleration and deceleration (start/stop) of material handling systems by minimizing the shock forces transmitted to the structural components of the system.

Enidine Tow Bar Snubbers reduce wear and downtime by absorbing high shock forces potentially transmitted into
the moving carriage and its payload. These devices directly reduce maintenance costs associated with downtimeand premature component wear.

  • Minimizes Wear, Extends Service Life.
  • Promotes Long Life for Modular/Flexible Automation Equipment.
  • Protects Payload From Damaging High-load Stress and Shock.
  • On-site Operational/Maintenance Training Available.
  • Stroke Lengths of 4 and 6 inches available.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Parts and Materials (material/workmanship).
  • ISO quality standards result in reliable, long-life operation.
  • Special materials and finishes available.
  • Conveyor Speeds of up to 120 Ft./min. (540 m/min.)
  • Loading – Load Capacity of up to 10,000 lbs. (44 400 N)
  • Temperature Range – Temperatures of up to 350ºF (162ºC)

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