WEAR™ Pipe Restraints

ITT Enidine WEAR Pipe RestraintsWEAR™ pipe restraints (Wire Energy Absorbing Rope) are uniquely packaged wire rope isolators designed to protect structures from steady state vibration and isolate them from seismic and dynamic loads. These new generation energy absorbing restraints feature simple construction. There are no oils, seals or complex moving parts required to perform their function. The design has eliminated the problems often associated with hydraulic or mechanical restraints which are complex and prone to failure.

The Wire Rope Isolator, which is the basic element of the technology has been successfully used by the military for more than 25 years. As a result, it conforms to government and military quality control requirements. WEAR Pipe Restraints are thus exempt from surveillance testing. In-place visual inspection is all that is required to assure operability. The WEAR™ can be provided with a wide range of piping accessories and can be supplied to ISO 9001, Mil-Q, Mil-I, B31.1 or ASME Section III subsection NF.

  • Normal Temperature: -40º to 200º F/-40º to 100º C
  • Faulted Temperature: -40º to 350º F/-40º to 175º C
  • Humidity: 100% RH
  • Radiation: 1 x 109 RAD
  • Pressure: -14.7 psi to 100 psi
  • 0 atm to 7 atm

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