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We carry a wide range of Koganei fittings for your industrial needs. Standard, mini, and rotary design fittings, fittings with stop valve, supply joints, connector fittings, and TAC fittings are all available. High-quality tubing options, mufflers/silencers, air over oil systems, air blow guns, cable and tube carriers/tracks, air conservation/pulse units, and column holders are also included. Koganei fittings are reliable and dependable.


Standard Design Fittings

Koganei - Standard Design Fittings

  • Quick Fit for Simple Attachment / Detachment
  • NCU Does Not Generate Copper-ions
  • Non-Lubricant Specifications
  • Stainless Steel for Metal Parts

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Mini Design Fittings

Koganei - Mini Design Fittings

  • Quick Fitting from 1.8mm Tube
  • Maximum Flow Using the Full Tube Bore
  • Designed for Miniature Cylinders / Solenoid Valves
  • Industry First in the Market

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Rotary Design Fittings

Koganei - Rotary Design Fittings

  • Optimal for Swinging & Rotation, Quick Fitting
  • Integrated Bearing, Smooth Movement
  • Reduced Radial Loads for Smooth Rotation
  • Models for High Speed Rotation

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Fittings with Stop Valve

Koganei - Fittings with Stop Valve

  • Air Flow Stops Automatically if Tube Disconnected
  • Straight, Elbow, Union Straight Configurations
  • For Tube Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
  • NCU and Non-lubrication models

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Supply Joint

Koganei - Supply Joint

  • Half the Space of Steel Pipe
  • Same Inner Diameter & Flow Rate as Steel
  • 44 types and 83 Models
  • Rust Resistant Nickel Plating Standard

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Connector Fittings

Koganei - Connector Fittings

  • Ability to Connect Units of Different Sizes
  • Connector Bar Joins Multiple Connectors
  • Mount Horizontal or Vertical
  • Pin Locks In Place with Allen Wrench or Screwdriver

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TAC Fitting – Barbed

Koganei - TAC Fitting - Barbed

  • For Nylon, Urethane Tubes and Pipe Threads
  • Types: Straight Nipple, Elbow, Tee, Coupling
  • Fittings: Resolving, Extension, Bulhead
  • Universal: Elbow, Tee, Cross, Branch Tee

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Nylon Tubes

Koganei - Nylon Tubes

  • Wear and Bending Fatigue Resistance
  • Cold & Weather Resistance
  • Special Models for TAC Fittings
  • Lengths of 20m and 100m
Urethane Tubes

Koganei - Urethane Tubes

  • Flexibility / Smaller Minimum Bending Radius
  • Weatherproof, Ozone and Oil Resistant
  • 9 colors, Lengths of 20m and 100m
  • Conductive Version Includes Anti-Static Measures
Soft Nylon Tubes

Koganei - Soft Nylon Tubes

  • All the Features of Nylon Tubes Plus Flexibility
  • Sizes Include 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm Outside Diameter
  • Color Options Black or Semi-transparent
  • Lengths of 20m and 100m
Flat Nylon & Urethane Tubes

Koganei - Flat Nylon & Urethane Tubes

  • Dual Conduit Tube for Ports Collected at One Surface
  • Optimum for Tight Spaces. Maintainable Clean Profile
  • Marking for Easy Identification at a Glance
  • Fingertip Separation of Tubing/ Matches Quick Fitting
Tube Holder
  • Allows Simple Bundling of Tubes
  • Versions for 2 ,3 or 4 Tubes
  • Designs for Outer Diameter 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm
  • Opens and Closes with a Touch

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Mufflers / Silencers

KM Series – Plastic Muffler

Koganei - KM Series – Plastic Muffler

  • Superior Noise Suppressing, Compact, Lightweight
  • Low Resistance to Air Flow Avoids Adverse Operations
  • No Corrosion Over Time, Moisture & Oil Resistant
  • Long Operating Life
KM Series – Brass Muffler

Koganei - KM Series – Brass Muffler

  • Sintered Brass / Superior Mechanical Strength
  • Compact Body / Little Installation Space
  • Exhaust Port Inhibits Foreign Matter
  • Superior Noise Suppressing, Low Exhaust Back Pressure

Air Over Oil Systems

AHC Series – Air Hydro Convertor

Koganei - AHC Series - Air Hydro Convertor

  • No Hydraulic Unit and No Vibration
  • Precise Speed Control without Pulsation
  • Optimum for Slim Low Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Oil Level Marker, Easy to Check Oil Volume
AHB Series – Hydraulic Air Bleeders

Koganei - AHB Series – Hydraulic Air Bleeders

  • Remove Air Bubbles inside Low Pressure Circuit
  • Transparent Body. Quickly Confirm Air Bubbles
  • Push-type Air Bleeder Button / Simple Handling
  • Bleed Port with Fitting Avoids Contamination of Area

Air Blow Guns

PAG Series – Air Blow Gun

Koganei - PAG Series – Air Blow Gun

  • Generates Pulsed Air without Electricity
  • Integrated Pulse Blow Unit
  • Effective Dust Removal
  • Reduce Compressed Air by Nearly 50%
ELG Series – Air Gun

Koganei - ELG Series – Air Gun

  • Integrated compressed air blow gun and ionizer
  • Instantly removes static electricity, dirt / dust
  • AC Adapter is Attached
  • Highly Flexible Robot Cables for Connection

Cable & Tube Carriers / Tracks

PU / PO Series – Plachain Ducts

Koganei - PU / PO Series - Plachain Ducts

  • Smoothly Protect & Guide Tubes in Movable Areas
  • Lightweight, Highly Durable Engineering Plastic
  • Prevents Twisting & Bending Improves Safety
  • PO Series Tube & Cable / Full Covered for Protection

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Air Conservation / Pulse Units

PAU Series – Pulse Blow Unit

Koganei - PAU Series – Pulse Blow Unit

  • Generates Pulsed Air without Using Electricity
  • Can Reduce Blow Gun Air Consumption by Nearly 50%
  • Available in 3 Flow Sizes with Multiple Port Options
  • Lightweight, Aluminum Construction Allows Direct Mounting

Column Holders and Tubing

Alpha Series – Holders and Custom Tubes

Koganei - Holders and Custom Tubes

  • Reliable Support , Strong and Easy to Use
  • Holder is Aluminum Alloy Casting
  • Column Tube is Mild Steel, Nickel Plated
  • Column Tubes – Three Types / Nine Variations