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iB Cyclone Filter-less Water Separator


Koganei iB Cyclone is a filter-less water separator designed to improve the air supply in manufacturing by removing the water in pneumatic air lines from compressor and/or humidity (condensation) caused by temperature fluctuations.

  • Half the size and over 99% drain separation ratio compared to other devices.
  • High-speed cyclone drain separator uses the power of centrifugal separation.
  • Maintenance free because no element is used. Select NO type or NC type auto drain.
  • Excellent water separation performance in a wide range of flow rates.
  • Specifications for ozone resistance, NCU specifications (copper free) are standard.
Koganei iB Cyclone Chart

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Koganei iB Cyclone Detail

The iB-Cyclone uses a high-speed cyclonic system to maintain water(drain) separation rates even if the flow is increased. Separation performance is always steady, from small to large flow rates.

Koganei iB Cyclone Performance Chart