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Pneumatic Fittings, Tubing and Accessories

The Parker Legris range offers innovating and reliable products for air, water, oil, chemical circuits and food applications: fittings, valves, tubes, pipings, ball valves, couplers, blow-guns.

Product Lineup

Push-In Fittings

Legris Push-In Fittings
This LIQUIfit® Industrial ange extension, composed of fittings with metal adaptors, in stainless steel or FDA nickel-plated brass, was designed for process water transfer applications. These fittings ensure reliable and compact connections as well as excellent robustness, particularly when combined with metallic ports.
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Technical Tubing and Hose

Legris Technical Tubing & Hose
Parker Legris offers a wide range of tubing and hose to meet your application’s requirements for the standard to the most demanding industrial applications, such as medical of clean rooms. The types of tubing and hose offered by Parker Legris include polyamide, polyurethane, anti-spark, fluoropolymer, polyethylene, self-fastening, PVC, USP and ether clean tubing.
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Function Fittings

Legris Functions Fittings
Parker Legris function fittings (flow control regulators, piloted function fittings, non-return valves, … ) allow you to exert even greater control over your installations. Compact, reliable and easy to install, these fittings can be used in various applications, including: food and beverage, in-plant automotive, printing, textile and water treatment industries.
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Compression Fittings

Legris Compression Fittings
Legris compression fittings enable the secure installation of composite and metal tubing.
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Industrial Ball Valves

Legris Industrial Ball Valves
The Parker Legris family of ball valves, including standard, axial, and needle valves, provide a reliable means of opening and closing fluid systems.
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Quick Disconnect Couplers and Blowguns

Legris Quick Disconnect and Blowguns
The Legris couplers allow reliable and quick connection and disconnection. The wide range of styles and sizes will allow you to choose the appropriate solution for your application.
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Threaded Accessories

Legris Threaded Accessories
Parker Legris offers a comprehensive range of accessories featuring brass, nickel-plated brass or stainless steel components: adaptors, plugs, manifolds and sealing products.
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