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Function Fittings

Product Lineup

Flow Controls, Polymer Version

Legris Flow Controls
Compact, precise and reliable, Legris flow regulators provide a consistent means of regulating air flow in standard pneumatic applications. The wide range of shapes, types of adjustment, and their compact size ensure a perfect fit to your needs.

Flow Controls, Metal Version

Compact, precise and reliable, the Legris metal flow regulators are particularly adapted to severe conditions (extreme temperatures, projections of sparks, mechanical constraints). Thus, they find quite naturally their place in the car industry for example.

Piloted Function Fittings

Legris Piloted Function Fittings
Compact, flexible and reliable, the Legris piloted function fittings -blocking fittings, piloted non-return valves, quick exhaust valves- enable you to enhance efficiency and security of your pneumatic installations.

Shut-Off Fittings

Legris Shut-Off Fittings
Parker Legris offers 4 types of shut-off fittings – polymer and stainless steel non-return valves for pneumatic applications, Liquifit for water and beverage applications, non-return valves and shut-off fittings. Very compact, they allow the fluids to pass in one direction whilst blocking flow in the other direction. They are also designed to block fluid flow in any direction when the pressure differential is very weak. Parker Legris lightweight and robust shut-off fittings are used to safely isolate a circuit without venting the whole installation.

Pressure Reducer Fittings

Legris Pressure Reducer Fittings
The Legris pressure reducer fittings save energy by optimizing the pressure required by cylinders in your application. The Legris soft start fittings allow air pressure to gradually increase, preventing injury to users or components.

Sensor Fittings

Legris Sensor Fittings
The compact Legris sensor fittings are useful to detect the end of travel of a cylinder. With pneumatic or electronic signaling mechanisms, they are specially designed to be able to be assembled on the machine’s cylinder or the distributor. Their low exhaust back pressure makes them very easy to use.

Manually Operated Valves

Legris Manually Operated Valves
Legris offers two different types of manually operated valves – manual switch operated vent fittings for frequent venting and pneumatic slide valves to provide for immediate isolation of the airline by venting the circuit.


Legris Silencers
Legris silencers help you reduce the ambient noise in your manufacturing environment by controlling the compressed air exhausted from control valves.

Function Fitting Accessories

Legris Function Fitting Accessories