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Mead Fluid Dynamics provides pneumatic automation components for the industrial automation market. Applications for these extensive valve and cylinder lines cover a broad spectrum of modern industry. All Air carries a large array of products  by Mead to meet all of your needs.

Mead products
Mead Products

Control Valves

Mead Isonic Series Valves
Control Valves help you modulate your media flow. A variety of power options, including air, solenoid, and manual/mechanical, provide flexibility to adapt to your pneumatic system. Unique valve styles and the ability to integrate many control valves into manifold systems offer additional possibilities for you to get the most out of your machines.

  • Isonic® Series Valves
  • Manifold PowerStrip™
  • Nova Series Valves
  • Capsula Series Valves
  • Dura-Matic Series Valves
  • Ergonomic Low Stress Air Valve
  • LTV Series Valves
  • MV Series Switches
  • Cam, Foot, Hand and Button Valves

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Specialty Valves

Mead’s Specialty Valves help complete pneumatic circuits with specific requirements. By utilizing unusual body types, flow rates, and actuation profiles, these Specialty Valves fill a need in your challenging pneumatic applications!

Lockout Valves

Mead’s Slide/Lockout Valves (SLV) are designed to comply with OSHA Standard Rule 29 CFR1910.147. SLVs exhaust downstream air to atmosphere when the valve is in the closed position. This prohibits the unexpected cycling of equipment due to stored energy in the air line. These valves can only be locked in the closed position, rendering any downstream machinery or equipment completely inoperable. The aluminum sleeve is anodized bright gold for easy identification.

Easy-Glide Ball Handle Valves

MHL valves provide either 3-way pilot control (MHL-3) or 4-way directional control (MHL-4). To operate MHL valves, simply move the ball handle across the slot on the valve body. The handle rotates a precision-lapped disc to control the directional flow of air. The hardcoat anodized aluminum disc allows virtually effortless handle motion. The handle will hold in any position. Air exhausts through the disc and out to atmosphere.

Mini Solenoid Valves

Dyna-Coil valves are used when you need to convert an electrical signal into a flow of air. 2-way models allow air to flow through the valve when energized. 3-way models allow air to flow through the valve when energized and exhaust when de-energized.

Binary Valves

The USV-100 provides alternating outputs from a single input port. The valve has two outputs which are selected alternately by applying a pulsing, on-off air signal to the input port. USV-100 will not function properly with a sustained signal.

Air Timers

Air timers are used to delay the air signal coming in or out of an air component. Depending on the model, the delay may be adjusted from 0.75 to 60 seconds. Input port is indicated by a yellow dot.
Timers are available in either normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) models. Normally closed models are used to time in and normally open models are used to time out. Once set, timers are accurate for repeatability to 10% with regulated air pressure.

Impulse Relay Valves

Impulse relay valves allow you to shift a double-pressure piloted or double bleed piloted valve, even though there are overlapping pilot signals. Relay valves convert a sustained air flow from a three-way pilot valve into a momentary pulse or bleed, which shifts a control valve and then closes

Stroke Sensors

Stroke Completion Sensors (SCS) mount directly on cylinder ports to provide an air signal when rod motion stops, even when the full stroke length is not used. Stroke completion sensors automatically adjust to variable strokes, replacing limit and reed switches in clamping, holding and sequencing tasks.

Air to Electric Switches

Air to electric switches convert air signals into electrical signals, which is ideal for actuating solenoid power valves or other electric components. Switches may be wired normally closed or normally open.

Dash/Panel Mount Control Valves

2-position ACV valves can be used for four-way directional control or as a three-way pilot valve. Its function indicator has been designed directly into the control knob and is visible only when the valve is in the energized or open position. In the unoperated (closed) position, the indicator ring is concealed within the knob assembly.

Dyla-Trol® Flow Controls

Fine tune the speed of your cylinders with precise-metering DylaTrol® valves. No other flow control provides such accurate control of cylinder motion.

Two-Hand Control Valves

Concurrent actuation of the recessed buttons generates a signal. Releasing one or both buttons immediately stops the signal which cannot be re-instituted until both buttons are again actuated concurrently.


Pneumatic cylinders are one of the most prevalent motion options on the market. They can fill a variety of application needs, providing cost-effective and powerful solutions to your motion problems. Mead offers a diverse array of pneumatic actuators, including the repairable Centaur series, traditional tie rod cylinders, and the Space Saver series, among many others.

Small Bore Tie Rod Cylinders
DM1 & DM2 NFPA Interchangeable Cylinders

Mead Small Bore Tie Rod cylindersMead Dyna-Mation cylinders are available two design series, the DM1 and the DM2. The DM1 series incorporates tie-rod construction while the DM2 series cylinders are constructed with an extruded body design, making these cylinders better suited for wash down applications and clean environments.

HD1 NFPA Heavy-Duty Cylinders

Combining NFPA dimensional interchangeability and high quality components, the “HD1” Series offers excellent performance and long service life, even in the most severe of conditions.

Large Bore HD NFPA Heavy Duty Cylinders

Mead Large Bore HD NFPA Heavy DutyCombining NFPA dimensional interchangeability and high quality components, the HD Large Bore Series offers excellent performance and long service life, even in the most severe of conditions. Mead offers 5″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ bore sizes to meet your needs.

Centaur Cylinders

Mead Centaur CylindersMead Centaur cylinders are built to match tie-rod performance, but are up to 45% less expensive and offer lubrication-free service. Centaur cylinders are not permanently crimped like most other round cylinders, so they can be disassembled for maintenance.

Proximity Switches (Reed/Solid State)
Space Saver Cylinders

Mead Space Saver CylindersSpace Saver cylinders provide the power and stroke of standard cylinders in less than half the space. They are ideally suited for use in machinery where space and weight are at a premium. Best of all, Space Saver cylinders cost up to 50% less than standard models.

Miniature Air Cylinders

Mead Miniature Air CylindersMead’s line of miniature air cylinders offers users a wide range of lowprofile linear actuators. These versatile cylinders are available in both single-acting and double-acting models. They are ideal actuators in any application where space is limited.

Single-Acting Air Clamps

Mead Single-Acting Air ClampsEconomical single-acting air clamps provide gripping power on the out stroke and spring retraction. They are ideal for use in drill fixtures and for bending, swaging, forming, crimping, and pressing operations. Because 3-way valves may be used, hook-ups are quick and easy


Air Presses & Heavy Multi-Stage Press

Mead Air PressesEconomical air powered presses reduce production costs by automating crimping, heat sealing, bending, forming, pressing, swaging, riveting and burnishing operations. Easy hook-up. Just attach to your shop air supply. No wiring, pumps, or motors needed.

Right Angle Flow Controls (RAF and RAFK)

Mead Right Angle Flow Controls (RAF and RAFK)Mead’s right-angle flow control valves provide fast, accurate control in a convenient, compact package. Designed specifically for controlling flow to pneumatic actuators, they come standard with push-in fittings, pre-applied Teflon based thread sealant, an adjustment depending on the type, and convenient swivel feature for ease of tubing alignment. Both the RAF and RAFK mount directly to your cylinder’s ports. The RAF adjustment is a recessed screw driver slot. The RAF-K has a knob adjustment that can be tightened once set.

Female DIN Solenoid Connectors

Mead’s 11mm Industrial B-type DIN solenoids feature a totally encapsulated coil with 3 male prongs, allowing fast and easy connections. A female DIN connector (ordered separately) quickly attaches to the solenoid’s prongs and is secured by a single screw.
Mead offers 3 types of DIN connectors to facilitate connections to the solenoid. Model PVD1 is a connector with a 1/2″ conduit entry and no lead wires. Model PVD2 also has a 1/2″ conduit entry but includes 20″ of cabled lead wire.


Use the #20 die cast aluminum manifold to simplify piping and cut down on plumbing time. A 3/8″ NPTF inlet port provides a common air source for up to eight 1/8″ NPTF outlets.

Quick Exhaust Valves

Quick exhaust valves (QEV) increase cylinder rod speed by dumping exhaust air directly at the cylinder instead of back through the control valve. Use one QEV in each cylinder port to increase rod speed in both directions.
Using a quick exhaust valve to increase cycling speed allows a smaller, less expensive control valve to be used.

Shuttle Valves

Use shuttle valves to actuate a cylinder or valve from either of two air sources. Available for 1/8″ and 1/4″ tubing.

Check Valves

Mead check valves are designed to allow full flow in one direction, and check or stop flow in the other direction.

Air Silencers & Breathers

MM, MMS, and MML air silencers reduce exhaust noise by approximately 20%. MMB breather vents prevent contaminants from entering the air component. All models are constructed of sintered bronze (MML are also housed in plastic). MML is designed to have 15% less pressure drop than MM or MMS models. MMP air silencers feature a unique stem for quick connections to tube collets.

Air Preparation

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