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Control Valves

Control Valves help you modulate your media flow. A variety of power options, including air, solenoid, and manual/mechanical, provide flexibility to adapt to your pneumatic system. Unique valve styles and the ability to integrate many control valves into manifold systems offer additional possibilities for you to get the most out of your machines.

Product Lineup

Isonic® Series Valves

Mead Isonic Series ValvesIsonic® 2, 3 and 4-way valves feature a unique, multi-patented design that significantly shrinks valve size while boosting flow capacity. With its design and a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, Isonic® breaks through the restriction and limitations of conventional valve manufacturing.
Along with its size and price advantages, Isonic® offers numerous user features, many of them standard. Most models feature an integral electronic board with surge suppression and LED. A variety of voltages and wiring options are available. This combination of price and versatility makes Isonic® the perfect control choice for pneumatic systems.

Manifold PowerStrip™

Mead Manifold PowerStripMead’s Manifold PowerStrip™ (MPS) offers a simple solution to wiring manifold valve stacks. The MPS reduces installation time, simplifies troubleshooting, and provides a clean, space-efficient alternative to individual wiring and costly molded cable sets.

Nova Series Valves

Mead Nova Series ValvesNova 4-way directional control valves offer state-of-the-art air valve design at a remarkably low price. Nova utilizes a single bonded rubber spool with finely ground sealing lands that travel only .047”… less than 1/16th of an inch! This economy of movement assures long valve life yet generates enough flow to power a 4” bore cylinder.

Capsula Series Valves

Mead Capsula SeriesMead’s Capsula valves work long and hard even when subjected to dirty air. Their unique patented bi-lobed seals are wear-compensating, self-cleaning, and are completely retained to prevent extrusion.
All models are mounted on a side ported sub-base, 4-way, 5 port. Any valve module may be separated from its base in seconds without disturbing the piping.

Dura-Matic Series Valves

Mead Dura-Matic Series ValvesDura-matic 4-way valves not only control cylinder direction but also control cylinder rod speed. Most models include easy-to-use built-in flow controls that permit the user to establish cylinder speeds right at the directional valve.

Ergonomic Low Stress Air Valve

Mead Ergonomic Low Stress Air ValveMany machine operators are required to operate air powered equipment hundreds or thousands of times per day. These types of routines can result in repetitive motion disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The debilitating effects usually result in increasing worker compensation claims and declining employee productivity.

LTV Series Valves

Mead’s LTV valves are compact 1/8” ported 4-way valves that may be actuated by hand, remote air signal, electric signal, or mechanically by a machine element. They are ideal for powering small or medium sized cylinders and for piloting larger valves. Some models require as little as 4 ounces of force and .010” of plunger travel to actuate. See the chart on the opposite page for individual valve specifications.

MV Series Switches

Mead’s MV air switches are 3-way 1/8” ported air pilot valves that are identical in size, actuating style, and mounting characteristics to most industrial type electric limit switches. Use them in place of electric limits to save on hookup cost and eliminate spark hazard. MV valves simplify circuits by eliminating the need for wire shielding, transformers, and solenoids.

Cam, Foot, Hand and Button Valves

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