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Miniature Barbed Air Fittings

Mem-co is the premier designer and manufacturer of high-quality, miniature barbed air fittings. They have over 750 configurations of standard and hard-to-find fittings instock and ready for immediate delivery.

  • Saves space and labor by combining multiple fittings into a single unitized assembly
  • All joints are silver soldered on all fabricated fittings
  • Thousands of fittings available in sizes and configurations not found anywhere else–even hard to find items
Memco Product
Memco Product
Memco Product

Product Lineup

Male Thread to Tube Fittings

  • 1/4-20 (4-20)
  • 1/4-28 (4-28)
  • 1/16 NPT
  • 5/16-18
  • 5/16-24
  • 1/8 NPT
  • 1/4 NPT
  • 3/8 NPT
  • 1/2 NPT
  • 3/4 NPT

Female Thread to Tube Fittings

  • 1/4-28 (4-28)
  • 1/16 NPT
  • 5/16-18 UNC
  • 5/16-24 UNF
  • 1/8 NPT
  • 1/4 NPT
  • 3/8 NPT
  • 1/2 NPT

Combination Tees

Mem-Co Combination TeesCombination Tees provide 3 barbed branches with male or female pipe thread. Mixed sizes of barbed branches are available.

Y Fittings

Mem-Co Y FittingsY Fittings provide a handy alternative to standard Tees.

L Tees

Mem-Co L TeesL Tees combine an elbow with a Tee. Mixed sizes of barbed branches are available.


Mem-Co Manifolds1/8 NPT Male Manifolds Hundreds of combinations for the OEM needing a fitting that requires a minimum labor to install.

In-Line Manifolds

Mem-Co In-Line ManifoldsA combination of barbed branches neatly orients tubing in-line.

Swivel Elbows & Tees

Mem-Co Swivel Elbows & TeesSwivel Tees & Elbows available in branch sizes up to and including # 3 for 1/16″ ID thru 1/8″ ID tubing. Can be rotated 360° in either direction.

Tube to Tube Fittings

Miniature Thread to Tube Fittings

Un-Threaded Press Fit Fittings

Miniature Female Thread-to-Tube Fittings

Microbore Fittings

SAE Male & Female Detail Fittings

Bulkhead Fittings

Standard & Metric Reducing Bushings


Reducing Female to Female Threaded Hex Cap Adapters

Hex Nipples & Female Hex Couplings

Caps & Plugs

Micro-drilled Orifices

Sintered Bronze Filter Fittings

Filtered Mufflers & Snubbers

PTF 2-Piece Ferruleless Fittings

Metric Fittings

Mini Metric Fittings

Square Sided Fittings

Solenoid Valve Adapters & Nano Adjustables

Ultra Adjustable Stainless Steel Bolts & Fittings

Nuts, Lockwashers, Knurled Tube Plugs

Modular Design Components

CLIP-LOK Modular Connector Systems

Rod Alignment Compensators

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