Micro Motors, Inc. (Pro-Dex)

Miniature Air Motors, Miniature Air Drills

All Air Incorporated offers Micro Motors, Inc. a manufacturer of miniature air motors, miniature air drills, reversible units, high quality, wide range of RPM’s, dental drills, air generated light sources, and customized products. Their small size makes them ideal for squeezing into tight spaces in applications where space is at a premium. Special pneumatic tools and custom machined parts are offered. There’s no need to deal with multiple suppliers and manufacturers because All Air, Incorporated has everything you need, and the expertise to help you meet your most demanding challenges.

Product Lineup

Customers choose Micro Motors products because these air motors fit virtually any small size high-power application. Specific requirements for mounting, autoclaving, and speed-to-torque ratios are our customizable. These air motors are known for exceptional reliability and long life.

  • Operates on compressed air, nitrogen or other inert gases at pressures up to 150 PSI
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Advanced rotor blade design and highly polished cylinder for continuous operation
  • Precision ball bearings virtually eliminates friction and wear
  • Motors remain cool, even when operated under continuous load
  • Repeated stalling, instant reversing will not harm the motor
  • Spark-free operation is suitable for use in contaminated, wet or explosive environments
  • Instant on, instant off, no wind-up or coasting
  • Hardened planetary gear system provides increased torque transmission capabilities and long life
  • Lower air consumption than larger motors conserves energy
Micro Motors Products

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