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Filters, Regulators and Lubricators

Monnier, Inc. manufactures a complete line of compressed air preparation products. These include the industry’s most rugged filters, regulators, lubricators, flow controls and accessories. These products can be found in a variety of demanding applications including automotive, healthcare, food and beverage, transportation, power generation, and many others.

The most important factor in the long life of any pneumatic tool or equipment is the quality of the compressed air in the system. For over 80 years Monnier, Inc. has been ensuring the quality of that air with their complete line of air preparation products. Monnier manufactures over 1000 specially engineered solutions in addition to the 3000 standard products in their catalog.

Monnier Products


Monnier Filters
Monnier filters are built to ensure solid and liquid particulate is removed from compressed air lines. Filters are available in thousands of standard and custom configurations to better meet customer requirements. Every product can be anodized in eight different colors to match your existing system colors.

Series Capacity Max Pressure
3000 Miniature 1 oz. 150PSI (250PSI optional)
2000 Compact 5 oz. 150PSI (250PSI optional)
1000 Standard 8 oz. 150PSI (250PSI optional)
5000 21 oz. 150PSI (250PSI optional)
4000 32 oz. 150PSI (250PSI optional)

Options: All available with bowl guards, metal or poly- carbonate bowls, element ratings of 20, 10 or 3 micron, float or impulse drains and sight levels (for metal bowls)
Oil Coalescing Filters -Available in same size as our regular filters, but also:

  • Remove 99.95% of all oil droplets and aerosols
  • Trap 99.95% of all solids down to 0.3 micron size
  • Remove odors and vapors


Monnier Regulators
Monnier Regulators
Monnier catalogs a wide variety of fluid-air regulators to provide a constant air line pressure. Standard line regulators are suitable for optimal pressure ranges from 0-10 psi to 20-250 psi and come in 1/8″to 1-1/2″ line sizes. When space is at a premium, try Monnier’s subminiature regulators specifically designed for low-volume air flow and dead end service.

To complement standard regulators, Monnier can fit regulators with:

  • Built-in check valves
  • Valve sandwich block and manifold mounted air-line regulators
  • Pilot-operated pressure regulators.


To maximize the performance of pneumatic machinery and guarantee long life, Monnier lubricators are utilized to maintain the proper ratio of oil to air.

Size Capacity Pipe Size
Miniature 1 oz. 1/8, 1/4 IN
Compact 5 oz. 1/4, 3/8, 1/2
Standard 8 oz. 1/4, 3/8, 1/2
Large 21-32 oz. 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2

Options: All lubricators are available with metal or polycarbonate bowls, bowl guards, knurled adjustment knobs. “Q” fill button available on all models except miniature.
Tamper-Resistant device is supplied with each lubricator.

Duo and Trio Combinations

Monnier Duo and Trio Combinations
Monnier Monnier Duo and Trio Combinations
To save valuable time and money, Monnier air preparation products can be assembled in 16 different standard combinations.

Duo & Trio-Combinations

  • Piggybacks containing integral filter/regulator combinations and are ideal to cut down on the piping and fittings required to hook up a system.
  • Duo-Combinations (Duo-Combinations are in line filters…) contain filters and regulators and can be set up in a variety of combinations.
  • Monnier Filters, Regulators and Lubricators are configured together in the Trio-Combination

Monnaire Modulars

Monnier Modulars
Monnier filters are built to ensure solid and liquid particulate is removed from compressed air lines. Filters are available in thousands of standard and custom configurations to better meet customer requirements. Every product can be anodized in eight different colors to match your existing system colors.


  • O-ring bowl
  • Integral mounting hole
  • Bayonet bowl guards
  • Face plates for units
  • One filter housing for particulate/coalescer
  • Units individually threaded
  • Recessed gauge port
  • Shut-off valve easy to lock
  • Diverter block
  • Simple manifold connections


  • O-ring held captive
  • Mounts without brackets
  • Quick on/off bowls
  • Unique identity: customer logo
  • Less inventory: field change
  • Each unit can stand alone
  • Can use mini gauge flush mount
  • Trade lock easy to install
  • Regulator mounts any direction
  • Build any configuration


  • Works right every time
  • Vendor does not make bracket
  • Faster turns in maintenance
  • Parts business for OEM’s
  • Faster response possible
  • Adapts to any application
  • Low profile prevents breakage
  • Prevents accidental start up
  • Flexible assembly
  • Eliminates frustration

Why Choose Monnaire ModularsTM by Monnier?

Monnaire ModularsTM were created to meet the demands of today’s air preparation market by maximizing flow, reducing weight and minimizing price. This new series of modular filters, regulators and lubricators compliments the over 3,000 standard products in the Monnier catalog and the thousands of custom units designed annually.

Each component is engineered to connect easily without the use of inserts and special tools. Standard button-head screws are used to join components. Combined with the new modular design ensures that Monnaire ModularsTM offer optimum stability and strength

Components are available as preassembled modular FRL assemblies or in an unlimited combinations of filters, regulators, lubricators and accessories. Each component is available with 3 bowl options polycarbonate with guard (standard), metal bowl or with the CircleView bowl, allowing fluid to be viewed 360 degrees around the bowl. Each bowl is available with automatic, flexible or manual drain options.

A manual shut off with a deep slide design is now available conforming to OSHA requirements. The off position relieves downstream pressure to all components allowing for service or repair.

Float Drains

The Monnier Float Drain is an ideal, low-maintenance drain for airline legs and air filters. The Float Drain has the following characteristics:

  • Typically open
  • Pilot operated valve rated for 10-250 psi and 175° F
  • String on/off action – closed by system air pressure
  • inlet sizes from ¼” – ½”

Impulse Drains

Monnier Impulse Drains are the simple solution for removing excess line liquid. If necessary, replacement of the Impulse Drain takes less than 1 minute.

  • Only one moving part – no float, levers or pilot mechanisms
  • Gum & corrosion resistant
  • Actuated by a 10 percent decay in pressure caused by cycling of valves, tools or compressors

Stainless Steel Air Preparation

Check Valves

Flow Controls

Pressure Drop Indicators

Filter and Lubricator Mounting Brackets

Oil-Barrier Air Line Filters

Pneumatic Air/Oil Reservoirs

Pressure Gauges

Tamper Proof Lock & Key

Lockout Valves

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