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Pneumatic Hose

Nycoil® was the inventor of the Nylon Self-Storing Air Hose in 1958. It was developed as a means to transport air from overhead piping to pneumatic tools at assembly stations while keeping the work area neat and safe. Unlike straight hose that lays on the floor or workbench and can easily become tangled, Nycoil Hose retracts to keep the area clutter free. The user can also be more productive because the hose retracts away from the work area, giving the user more clear space and freedom of movement.

Product Lineup

Nylon Pneumatic Hose

Nycoil Pneumatic Hose

  • Self Storing Air Hose
  • Heavy Duty Air Hose
  • Dual Bonded Air Hose
  • Self Storing Air Hose w/ blow gun

Polyurethane Pneumatic Hose

  • Super Coil
  • Superbraid
  • Ultra-lite Superbraid
  • Lead-In Hose

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