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Quick-Disconnect Couplers

Nycoil offers a wide selection of couplers having a variety of features, performances, characteristics, and connections assuring you of having the right one for your particular requirements. Nycoil Quick-Disconnect Couplers cover all of your needs. In addition to all the major interchanges, Nycoil has the coupler that will fit the exact need of any application.

Product Lineup

Low Pressure Couplers

Nycooil Quick-Disconnect Couplers

  • Industrial Interchange
  • ARO Interchange
  • Automotive Interchange
  • Universal couplers
  • European Interchange
  • Schrader Interchange
  • Lincoln Interchange
  • Nitto Kohki Interchange
  • Hansen Interchange

Micro, Sub Miniature & Miniature Couplers

  • Micro Coupler
  • Sub Miniature Coupler
  • Miniature Coupler

Water Couplers

Dry Break Couplers

Safety Couplers (Self Venting)

  • ARO Interchange
  • Industrial Interchange
  • European Interchange

Safety Couplers


Thermoplastic Couplers

  • Standard Thermoplastic
  • ISO-B Interchange 7241-1-B

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