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Actuator Accessories – PRL Series Rod-Lock

Parker - Actuator Accessories - PRL Series Rod-Lock
The PRL Series rod locks are used in applications where the locking of linear travel is required. They are commonly used in workholding applications and for locking tools and fixtures in the event of air pressure or electrical control failure.

Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi / 10 bar
Operating temperature: -4° to 176° F / -20° to 80° C
Locking pressure: 58 psi +/- 10%
Holding force: 123 to 1894 lbs


  • Clamping: Without an appropriate air signal to the rod lock pressure port, the rod lock clamps to the precision metric rod and prevents rod movement in the axial direction.
  • Delatching: When 4 bar (58 psig) of air pressure is applied to the port, the rod lock releases and allows free movement of the rod. This will be required for installation.
  • Locking Direction: The rod lock is designed specifically to prevent rod movement in the axial direction only. It is not recommended for locking rotary rod motion.
  • Rod Material: The PRL rod lock is a precision locking device, therefore strict rod tolerances and rod material specifications are required to ensure safe and proper operation. Minimum requirements for the rod material include a chrome plated surface finish of 10 microinches or less and a surface hardness of 52 Rc. Rod material may be ordered separately in custom lengths.
  • Environment: The rod lock is recommended for use in dry, clean conditions. Please take precautions to prevent moisture from entering the pressure port or the exhaust port of the locking device.

There should be no relative motion between the rod and the rod lock device when the locking device is activated. The locking device is not intended to brake a movement in repeated sequences.

CPS (Continuous Position Sensor) Actuator Accessories – P8S Series

Parker - CPS (Continuous Position Sensor) Actuator Accessories - P8S Series
Parker’s P8S Continuous Position Sensors continuously detect the position of the magnetic piston of pneumatic actuators using a direct, non-contact technology along the 32 to 256mm detection length of the sensor. For cylinders with common T-slot dimensions, sensors are mounted externally onto the cylinder within the profiled T-slot grooves without the need for additional accessories. Mounting on other cylinder types, ie round cylinders, is possible with optional adaptors. The sensor settings can be adjusted during installation or later during operation, using a teach pad or depending on the variant, using IO-Link. This continuous transfer of positional data via analog outputs or IO-Link upgrades the functionality of the pneumatic cylinders by making them more intelligent and as a result, more versatile and enables flexible machine concepts to solve tasks in areas such as quality monitoring and process control.


  • Factory Automation
  • Food and Beverage
  • Machine Tools
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Vehicle Assembly Facilities
  • Material Handling


  • Drop-in T-slot profile provides quick installation and replacement of sensors
  • External mounting allows for integration into the machine at any time
  • Non-contact measurement provides long service life
  • Sensor settings can be adjusted during installation or later during operation
  • Continuous supply of data enables flexible machining concepts
  • Continuous transfer of position data upgrades the functionality providing “inteligent” pneumatic cylinders improving versatility
  • Multiple defined switching points add flexibility
  • Advanced configuration options with data transmission via IO-Link


  • Precise and measured control of pneumatic handling
  • Tensioning applications
  • Monitors quality and accuracy of assembled components
  • Maximized flexibilty of pick and place processes
  • Materials handling and identification


  • Direct non-contact sensing
  • Continuous detection
  • Sensor setting via teach-in button
  • IO-Link

Technical Characteristics:

  • Output function: Analog / IO-Link
  • Measuring range: 32mm to 256mm
  • Supply Voltage: 15 to 30 V DC
  • Enclosure rating: IP67 (according to EN 60529)
  • Cable: PUR (Polyurethane)

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