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Motorized Stages

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PI offers the broadest and deepest range of precision motion technologies for micro and nano precision applications. Our engineers work with our customers to find the best drive and bearing technology for each individual application. Having access to multiple drive and positioning technologies allows an open discussion with a better outcome for the customer.

Product Lineup

M-126 Translation Stages with Crossed Roller Bearings

Physik Instrument M-126 Translation Stages with Crossed Roller Bearings

  • To 25 mm Travel Range
  • Manual, DC-Servo and Stepper-Motor Drives
  • ActiveDrive™ Option
  • Compatible with Leading Industrial Motion Controllers
  • Crossed Roller Bearings
  • <0.1 Micron Resolution
  • XY and XYZ Combinations
  • Direction-Sensing Origin Switch
  • Non-Contact Limit Switches

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