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Condensate Management

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Condensing and separating water out of compressed air means we must effectively drain it away and treat it for easy disposal.

Pneumatech provides many different types of drains, many of them energy saving no-air-loss type demand drains, to efficiently take the water out of the system. We also provide superior Oil Water Separators to remove the oil from the condensate so most of the effluent can simply go down the drain.

Product Lineup

ECOBOX Oil-Water Separator

Pneumatech ECOBOX Oil-Water Separator
The Pneumatech ECOBOX offers a compressor condensate cleaning solution with excellent performance for compressed air systems up to 30l/s (60 cfm). The Ecobox 1 is specifically designed to offer an affordable condensate cleaning solution for piston compressor and small screw compressor installations. It is able to clean the compressor condensate to oil concentrations below 15 ppm by using a new, advanced filter medium.

Zero Loss Drains

Pneumatech Zero Loss Drains
Pneumatech’s Zero Loss Drain is the industrial standard for reliable condensate management with superior quality, and perhaps the simplest and most cost effective way to prevent wasting tremendous amount of energy.

Timer Drains

Pneumatech Timer Drains
Pneumatech’s TD condensate drains discharge the condensate automatically, based on pre-set time intervals. The opening and closing times can be set with high flexibility, which make the drains suitable for almost all capacities.

Mechanical Drains

Pneumatech Mechanical Drains
A floating body rises and falls with the condensate level in a collecting chamber; and opens/closes a mechanical drain valve. The condensate collecting chamber is closed off from the compressed air flow when the drain is depressurized. The drain is equipped with an integrated venting function, which prevents the risks of possible air slots. The MD has a well-proven, rugged metal design with threaded connections at inlet and outlet.

Water Detector

Pneumatech Water Detector
The WD gives an alarm as soon as a 3cl water level is detected. This alarm message is visible, audible and can be routed to a control room thanks to the potential-free contact. The ball valve at the outlet is meant to release water after an alarm situation and is closed during normal operation.


Pneumatech Aftercoolers
Compressed air will always be 100% saturated with water when it leaves a compressor. But also the outlet temperature has an important influence on the water load downstream the compressor. In order to minimize the load – and thus size – of the downstream refrigeration or adsorption dryer, it is therefore recommended to install a highly efficient aftercooler between compressor and dryer.

Water Separators

The saturated, hot air at the outlet of the compressor will cool down along the cold piping network. This causes condensate to form that can result in corrosion, bad product quality or process malfunctioning. Having free water at the inlet also impacts the lifetime and performance of filters and dryers.

Oil-Water Separators

Pneumatech Oil-Water Separators
Pneumatech offers a patented way to turn oily condensate into harmless water that can be drained away, while capturing the oil to be easily disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The extensive OWS range from Pneumatech uses patented technology to separate all kinds of compressed air condensate. The multi-stage separation process, using both buoyant oleophilic filters and activated carbon ensures exceptional performance, lower disposal costs and trouble free operation.

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