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Condensate Management

Oil and water condensate are by-products of the generation of compressed air. Pneumatech condensate management supports you in separating the oil from the water and help you to dispose it according to legal regulations and in an environmentally friendly way.

The saturated hot air at the outlet of a compressor cools down as it passes along the cold piping network. This causes condensate to form that can result in corrosion, bad product quality or malfunctioning. Having free water at the inlet also impacts the lifetime and performance of filters and dryers. On top of this oil and water condensate which is a byproduct of a compressed air generation, can be hazardous to the environment. We offer oil-water separators that help protect the environment and abide by the legal regulations prevailing in your country.

Product Lineup

CDF Mechanical Float Drains

Pneumatech CDF Mechanical Float Drains
Pneumatech’s CDF drain discharges the condensate automatically and without compressed air losses up to 10 bar.

The condensate is accumulated in the aluminium receiver (pressureproof housing) and as soon as the maximum level has reached, the condensate will be drained out without any air loss. The direct acting valve is piloting by a precise level float sensor that ensures reliability and efficiency. In its depressurized state the valve is closed (NC design).

The drain is equipped with an integrated venting function, which prevents the risk of possible air slots. The CDF drain has a well-proven, rugged aluminium design with threated connections at inlet and outlet.

  • No loss of compressed air
  • Plug-and-play solution
  • Guaranteed reliability

CDT Timer Drains

Pneumatech Timer Drains
Pneumatech’s CDT condensate drains discharge the condensate automatically, based on pre-set time intervals. The opening and closing times can be set with high flexibility, which make the drains suitable for almost all capacities. CDT drains are selected in heavy-duty operations, where the large cross-sections opening, and the simplicity of the drain are highly valued.

High pressure timer drain CDT HP are available for operating pressure up to 350 bar (400 bar for 115V).

  • Guaranteed reliability
  • Endless flexibility
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Transparency of operation

CDE 5-350 Electronic Zero Loss Drains

Pneumatech CDE 5-350 Electronic Zero Loss Drains
The Pneumatech CDE 5-350 safeguards your production and saves you money. That’s because it only releases condensate when needed without losing compressed air. With advanced reliability features built in, the CDE gives you premium performance, peace of mind and operational savings:

  • No loss of compressed air with automatic controlled drainage.
  • Maximum reliability with an automated control circuit, alarm indicator, and test button for manual drainage.
  • Easy installation with straightforward mechanical and electrical connections.
  • Control panel displays all drain functions for easy operation.
  • Heater kits available to protect again freezing in cold environments.
  • Can be used for oil-lubricated and oil-free installations.

ECOBOX Oil-Water Separator

Pneumatech ECOBOX Oil-Water Separator
The Pneumatech ECOBOX offers a compressor condensate cleaning solution with excellent performance for compressed air systems up to 30l/s (60 cfm). The Ecobox 1 is specifically designed to offer an affordable condensate cleaning solution for piston compressor and small screw compressor installations. It is able to clean the compressor condensate to oil concentrations below 15 ppm by using a new, advanced filter medium.

OWS 25-5300 Oil Water Separators

Pneumatech OWS 25-5300 Oil Water Separators
Pneumatech offers a patented way to turn oily condensate into harmless water that can be drained away, while capturing the oil to be easily disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The multi-stage separation process, using both buoyant oleophilic filters and activated carbon ensures exceptional performance, lower disposal costs and trouble-free operation.

The OWS range eliminates oil through multi-stage filtration rather than the conventional gravity systems which have limitations on the type of condensate that can be treated. As a result, the OWS separator capacity is not linked to the type of emulsion collected since it can treat the same volume of condensate whether saturated with mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil or polyglycol.

  • Next level compressed air condensate treatment
  • Better, quicker, cleaner separation of oil and water emulsions
  • Low maintenance
  • Genuine innovation in condensate separation
  • Worry-free condensate treatment

WD Water Detector

Pneumatech Water Detector
Despite all efforts to make dryers, water separators and drains reliable, a failure can never be ruled out. The consequence of condensate water in your pipe network and operations can be dramatic: from corrosion and ice formation to bad product quality and process malfunctioning.

The installation of a Pressure Dew Point (PDP) sensor downstream brings a solution but is often a too large investment. Pneumatech’s Water Detector (WD) provides peace-of-mind at an affordable cost. The WD gives an alarm as soon as a 3cl water level is detected. This alarm message is visible, audible and can be routed to a control room thanks to the potential-free contact. The ball valve at the outlet is meant to release water after an alarm situation and is closed during normal operation.

Ultimate Water Separators

Pneumatech Ultimate Water Separators
With energy efficiency and low total cost of ownership the Pneumatech Ultimate Filter Series surpasses conventional filters in the market place, providing to be the most advanced filter yet. The expertly engineered ULTIMATE Series not only achieves the highest air purity standards in line with ISO 8573-1:2010, it also incorporates the latest in filtration technology.

The new filter housing reduces differential pressure loss which, when combined with the new element design, significantly improves air flow and performance, making the ULTIMATE filter one of the most energy efficient filter housings available. With a range that incorporates coalescence filters, dust filters, activated carbon filters and water separators, available in a wide range of port sizes suitable for installation worldwide.

New filtration technology
Pneumatech utilizes deep pleated media to deliver market leading filtration performance. The new forward-thinking design delivers exceptional results in both oil aerosol removal and particulate retention; significantly reducing differential pressure and energy consumption for low operational lifetime costs.

Engineered to deliver a step change in performance, the new ULTIMATE element optimizes filtration efficiencies and produces compressed air in line with the highest standards of air purity, meeting the quality classes specified in ISO 8573-1: 2010.

  • Flow-Optimised design
  • Increased performance
  • New filtration technology
  • Multiple options
  • Robust design and EP corrosion protection
  • Simplified serviceability

CA Air-cooled Aftercoolers

Pneumatech Aftercoolers
Pneumatech’s air cooled aftercoolers CA 1-14 consist of a reliable axial fan with supreme efficiency. The fan forces ambient air over the copper tubes and aluminum fins of the heat exchanger. Hence the compressed air is cooled down to only 10°C/18°F above ambient temperature.

  • Highly-efficient axial fans
  • Cooling down to 10°C/18°F above ambient
  • Negligible pressure drop
  • Robust construction and compact design
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning

CW 1-17 Water-cooled Aftercoolers

Pneumatech CW 1-17 Water-cooled Aftercoolers
Pneumatech’s Water-cooled Aftercoolers CW 1-17 are robust shell-and-tube heat exchangers with excellent efficiency. Hot compressed air or gas passes through the stainless steel tubes while cooling water flows in counter-current around the tubes. This results in a minimal temperature difference between the outgoing compressed air and the incoming cooling water.

  • Close temperature approach
  • Robust shell-and-tube design:
  • Negligible pressure drop
  • Compact design

Closed Loop Liquid Coolers

Pneumatech Closed Loop Liquid Coolers

  • Low cost cooling system – low power consumption
  • Energy saving – dissipated heat can be recovered for space heating
  • Closed loop system eliminates water consumption (of cooling tower system), reduces sewer charges – no loss of industrial fluids
  • Uses ambient air – can be installed to provide air make-up
  • Can be used with ethylene glycol for winter operation
  • Approach temperatures of 5 °F and above

Standard Features

  • High efficiency coil
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Direct drive propeller fans
  • Support legs
  • Weather resistant motors
  • Control panel
  • High temperature selection

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