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Membrane Dryers

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Untreated compressed air always contains water. As water is incompressible, the amount of moisture per volume increases when air is compressed. The maximum amount of moisture per volume of air (the so-called holding capacity of moisture in the air) is however limited for a certain temperature. Condensation forms when air is compressed.

Product Lineup

PMD Membrane Dryers

Pneumatech PMD Membrane Dryers

With its pre-filters, Pneumatech PMD dryers remove oil particles and moisture from compressed air in the most demanding conditions, at the lowest energy cost at two possible dew points. Thanks to their special fiber technology, PMD dryers ensure the lowest pressure drop and purge air loss for the highest possible efficiency, saving you time and money.

From small spaces to environments with fluctuating ambient temperatures, PMD dryers can perform in a wide variety of harsh and critical conditions. PMD dryers also come with different types of membranes, allowing you to choose the exact air treatment you need, and the dew point your operation requires. With an innovative design, PMD dryers provide the quality of air that will increase the reliability and energy efficiency of your production.

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